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Quotes / Capcom Sequel Stagnation

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"Innovation is to this series what cheeseburgers are to a lactose-intolerant Hindu."
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, on the Tomb Raider franchise

"It's gotten me through so many different games: Street Masher, Street Masher 2, Street Masher 2: Slightly Different Costumes Edition..."
Homestar Runner reminisces on some of his favorite arcade games, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Eight-bit Is Enough

"Super Resident Evil – Code: Veronica Turbo Alpha Revival X: The Next Generation - Director's Cut Dual Shock Edition."
The Dark Id riffing on Code: Veronica X (little did he know they'd eventually add an "HD" to that too)

"I hate to admit it, but the name "Kingdom Hearts 2.9" made me laugh really hard as someone who's been waiting a decade for them to make 3. It felt like waiting in a comically long line, getting to the front, and finding out you were waiting to join the actual line."
Chuggaaconroy on Kingdom Hearts' self-aware joke in the opening sequence of III

"Let me take you back to when Capcom's Street Fighter II came out. I never heard of the first one, but hey, this is an awesome game! [I] can't wait for Street Fighter III! Then comes Street Fighter II the champion edition. Oh cool, Street Fighter III is next, right? Nope, Street Fighter II Turbo. Okay, awesome, can't wait for Street Fighter III. Super Street Fighter II. Um, cool. Uh, Street Fighter III? Super Street Fighter II Turbo!? What the fuck? At first, I thought all these updates were kind of nice to hold you over, but how many times can you update the same fucking game? It's getting ridiculous. I'm not going to buy it again! [...] There eventually was a Street Fighter III, like nine million versions of it!"


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