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Quotes / Can't Argue with Elves

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"You are but a dog, and I am your master!"
Thalmor Soldiers showing a particularly brutal version of this trope, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Okay, the first thing I noticed was that everyone who had a solid vampyre tattoo was incredibly good-looking. I mean, it was totally insane. Yes, I knew that vampyres were attractive. Everyone knew that. The most successful actors and actresses in the world were vampyres. They were also dancers and musicians, authors and singers. Vampyres dominated the arts, which is one reason they had so much money- and also one reason (of many) that the People of Faith considered them selfish and immoral. But really, they're just jealous that they're not as good looking. The People of Faith would go see their movies, plays, concerts, buy their books and their art, but at the same time they'd talk about them and look down on them, and God knows they'd never, ever mix with them.
Okay, the kids weren't as gorgeous as the adults. Sure, they were nice-looking- interesting actually, with their crescent moon outlines, and their uniforms that looked more like runway designs than school clothes- but they didn't have the glossy, inhumanly attractive light that radiated from inside each of the adult vampyres.
Zoey, the narrator of Marked

"Human law and vampire law are not one and the same. Humans have no jurisdiction over us."
"Why?" I'd asked.
"Because humans and vampyres are not the same. There are, indeed, more of them than us, but we few hold greater wealth and power as individuals than they can ever hope to attain. We are stronger, smarter, more talented, and more beautiful. Without vampyres, their world would be nothing more than a snuffed candle."

Davian Thule: Alien witch! You despoil our chapel with your presence!
Taldeer: Your Emperor is an illusion, human. I can hardly blaspheme against something that isn't divine.
Davian Thule: You dare...!
Taldeer: Unless, of course, you pray to something else altogether from this ruined temple...
Davian Thule: We will send you back to your craftworld in a tomb!
Taldeer: I have known my death for ten of your lifetimes, captain. Don't think to scare me with it.
Davian Thule: The Blood Ravens will not be driven back by one such as you!
Taldeer: Take solace at least in facing defeat at the hands of your betters. There is no ignominy in that.
Davian Thule: We have yet to meet our betters, alien. Certainly not on this forsaken world! All we have seen here are deluded tyrants, heretics and alien scum!
Mao: *to Seiran* Y-you Class President!
Seiran: Um, what do you mean by class president?
Mao: You have the look of a class president.
Seiran: *looking displeased* The look?
Seiran: Please refrain from saying things that misrepresent whole races!


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