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Quotes / Canon Defilement

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"I deleted Gouken the moment I noticed that he had a Raging Demon. GOUKEN IS AGAINST THE TEACHINGS AND USE OF THE RAGING DEMON YOU DOUBLE CASUALS."
Arpa/Chainsawdentist, a M.U.G.E.N user

Arthur: She was Griselda, the Lady of the Lake! In Quest For Camelot!
Carolyn: Oh, was she.
Arthur: YES! She's the one who tells Arthur to bring her Excalibur!
Douglas: Bring her Excalibur? Surely she gives him Excalibur.
Arthur: How could she give him Excalibur? Excalibur's a person.
Douglas: Right. Keen Arthurian scholars, were they, these filmmakers?
Arthur: Well, I say person; obviously it famously turns out he's a vampire!
Cabin Pressure, "Cremona"

"Oh, Countdown. Everything you touch, you destroy."
Linkara, Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains

"This isn't just ignoring the comics, this is dropping their pants and wiping their butt with them!"

Kira: Don't be happy for too long Light, I have to rape you...
Light: Why do you have to rape me, that doesn't even make sense?
Kira: Look, all I know is that Kira is supposed to rape Light and make him cry so we can all see that Light was really a good person controlled by pure evil. It's probably all based on that one time the Mr. Yagami says that being Kira is a curse. Never mind the fact that Light tells Ryuk like 5 minutes later that he's happier than he's ever been in his life...
Light: Joy. Finally a story about me and no one even wants to write about my actual character.

"So if you have to watch a Disney sequel, make sure it's not to a movie you actually like. Unless you enjoy the feel of a clammy uncle touching you in places you'd rather not be touched right now..."


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