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Quotes / Cannot Keep a Secret

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Now, this is strictly confidential —
And you treat it so, I hope —
But strictly confidentially,
Here's the latest dope.
Private Snafu, "Going Home"

"Note to self: Next time I decide to juggle a secret alter ego, I probably ought to learn how to keep a secret first."
Gohan, Dragon Ball Z

On a scale of Ned to Sansa Stark, how good are you at keeping secrets?
Game of Thrones meme, after Sansa learns Jon's true parentage and immediately tells Tyrion the secret that Ned Stark had taken to the grave: that Jon isn't Ned's bastard but his nephew, and the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne

Grunkle Stan: How are you at keeping secrets?
Joey Bragg: Let's just say a friend of mine told me he had butt implants and I told nobody.
Grunkle Stan: Congratulations. You just told me.
Joey Bragg: He's going to be so mad.

Tom Holland: Name me one thing that I have spoiled!
Zendaya: The last movie title thing...
Jacob Batalon: Yes.

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