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Quotes / CCG Importance Dissonance

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"They proceed to act out their STATS from THE AVENGERS COLLECTIBLE TRADING CARD GAME and establish they are all EXACTLY EQUAL IN POWER, somehow. Guy on steroids, genius in a robot suit, invincible deity: basically identical."

"You might be one of the most flavorful villains in all of Magic's history, but your actual card... actually stinks... out loud."

"Dr. Boom is one of the best cards in Hearthstone. But how powerful was he in World of Warcraft? Lets find out!"
(Video shows quest in which Dr. Boom is a joke enemy.)
"Yes, the most powerful minion in Hearthstone is some random guy."

"After seeing [Toon World] so insanely hyped-up in the anime as a kind of miracle device that toonifies all of your monsters and gives them cool new abilities, seeing how the card is actually applied caused considerable mental damage to a certain twelve-year-old Slavic boy a decade ago."

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