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[Shoot Em Ups] still have a hardcore following amongst masochistic maniacs who actively enjoy dipping into titles like Perfect Cherry Blossom, which sort of resembles a firework display being sick.
Charlie Brooker, Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe

Oh God. Even the bullets shoot bullets.
— Zeon_1992 (A Kongregate commenter) on Bullet Heaven.

I even tried making bullets that shoot bullets that shoot bullets that shoot bullets that shoot bullets, but that turned into way too many bullets and went out of control.
— The developer's comment to the above.

If you can beat this, you can dodge rain.
— YouTube commenter on Mushihime Sama Futari's True Final Boss

Johnny: Give it up, Mega Man. I'm too fast for you to hit. By the time you take aim and fire, I'm already in a different place. Why, I'll bet you can't-- [BOOMPH]
Mega Man: I wasn't aiming for you. I was firing randomly until you ran into one of my shots.

"Imagine if I were to draw a maze on a sheet of paper. I'm asking you to draw a line from the beginning of this maze to the end. You can't run into any dead ends, and you can't touch any of the lines. Now, while you're trying to do this, I'm moving the maze to the left. It would drive you fuckin' nuts."

She twirled in the air, joyfully spreading love and bullets as she went.
Imperfect Metamorphosis describing how even the friendly Touhou NPCs will try to kill you

"With a limitless stock of bullets in the compartments of these weapons, our firepower is unparalleled in coverage and destructive strength! These munitions have beaten back the repeated attacks of lone wolf pilots and our achievements have earned us a top position within our industry. We have developed thousands of weapons here in Japan much like what was simulated today. If you are so inclined...we could have you face them in combat."
Dr. Ingram K. Daugh, DoDonPachi Maximum

“The function of this new program would be simple,” McKinsey explained. “When we detect an unidentified aircraft, we’ll fill our skies with a hail of lead so hot it glows fucking blue. Essentially, any poor sumbitch who flies into our airspace will be entering a man-made hell consisting entirely of bullets.”

“To be honest, I’ve been playing a ton of those bullet hell games and lemme tell ya, they’re awesome,” Lt. Gen. McKinsey continued. “I’m ready to base our whole operation on these things.”

Thou shalt avoid all.
Cardinal Sins: Judgement Silversword, Apocalypse stage intro


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