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"First, I was born, which goes without saying; but, even in the hospital the day I arrived, I knew I was different from the other kids. I couldn't figure out why at first; then suddenly it came to me—I was a rabbit in a human world!"
—Bugs, telling his life story in "Whats Up, Doc?"

"What's Bugs Bunny's personality? I'll list the traits I can think of. His most general trait is that he's a heckler. He also is a magician - he can drag his hole around, drop in it and then appear behind the antagonist. Then - he is a specific kind of heckler - mostly calm and cool when in control of the situation - but when he sometimes is not in control, he becomes really irritable and his pride is sorely wounded which just makes him lose even more control. He is aware that he's the star of the show and confides with the audience about the situation. A ham performer. (Even when he loses!) He's sarcastic. This is a pretty well rounded character for the times - when you consider that most Disney characters had one trait only - a really general one, with no specific quirks: Donald is an Asshole, Goofy's a retard, Happy is - guess...! Sneezy is...and then Hell, their biggest star, Mickey, doesn't even have one trait! Bugs and his Warner Bros. cohorts were a revolution in cartoon personalities and are still leagues ahead of any other cartoon characters in terms of mere richness of personality alone."
John Kricfalusi using Bugs Bunny as an example of a three-dimensional personality in one of his blog posts.

"Bugs thinks more than others. He is the working intelligence in those skits. He doesn’t have these great physical abilities, other than intensely good makeup skills, but he is the only independent thinker, he’s the only one with a sentient mind in those cartoons... For the rabbit to always triumph is a great promise to us that we can triumph in the challenges in our lives."
—John Leland