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Tagon: You've got a lawyer vocabulary already. It's like a plethora... plethaurus? Of... you know, words.
Shodan: Good job. Another sentence slain, sir.

Ennesby: You meat-sophonts rarely notice, but words actually feel pain when they're abused.
Tagon: Cool. Long meetings just got more fun for me.

Eddie: I found the place with the stuff! You should use that thingy majig to find that one thing with the other stuff!
Karl: Scary thing is you can actually understand him...

"When stuff is heated, it can do stuff by itself without doing stuff to stuff around it."

"Coming up with words is, like... really hard."

Sheldon: "I will be enjoying a blissful evening in my personal Fortress of Solitude."
Penny: "That's Superman's big ice thingy, right?"
Sheldon: "You know, I'm in such a good mood, I'm actually finding your tenuous grasp of the English language charming and folksy."

Ares: "Pym, I have heard you have a potion that can shrink a man"
Hank Pym: "(thinks: Potion?) Yes."
Ares: "How small?"
Hank Pym: "Down to the subatomic level."
Ares: "English!"
Hank Pym: "(thinks: That is English!) I can make things smaller than the smallest things that make things things."

"Hurry up! Move the thing! And, that other thing!!"
Vizzini, The Princess Bride

This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes 'ding' when there's stuff.
The Doctor, Doctor Who, "Blink"

The Doctor: I'll do a thing.
River Song: What thing?
The Doctor: I don't know, it's a thing in progress! Respect the thing!

Willow: "Buffy, it's not about blame."
Buffy: "Well, it feels pretty blame-y!"
Willow: "Or you're being projecting-y".
Spike: "I'm also gonna add 'Y' to the end of my sentence-y... You both make valid points-y."

"To Jayne! The box-dropping, man-ape-gone-wrong thing."
Simon, Firefly

Eleventh Doctor: It's a timey-wimey thing.
War Doctor: Timey what? Timey-wimey?!
Tenth Doctor: I've - I've no idea where he picks that stuff up.
Doctor Who, "The Day of the Doctor"

"What, you want to tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing?"
Toby Ziegler, The West Wing

Leo McGarry: You wrapped that yourself, right?
Josh Lyman: The bandage?
Leo McGarry: Yeah.
Josh Lyman: ...Yeah.
Leo McGarry: Okay, Donna's gonna take you to the emergency room.
Josh Lyman: I don't need the emergency room.
Leo McGarry: Come on! It could be infected! You could have a...a thing!
Josh Lyman: What "thing"?
Leo McGarry: How the hell should I know?

"Well, (the main weapon is) a big lifty-uppy-spikey thing, designed to cut into the bladey thing above it, and we also have a couple of bright, lighty-shiny things at the front, and some floppy-spikey things at the back."
— Team U.F.O describing their robot, Robot Wars

"Can I just say that we like to keep it as clear as possible, especially at the front. ...This way Iggy can run around in his customary manner, like a crazed running-around-type-thing and we can all relax."
— The concert venue rider for Iggy Pop and the Stooges, 2006

Gunn: Something's feeling a lot not-quite-right about this.
Fred: That's what I've been saying. Only with better grammar.
Angel, "The House Always Wins"

Minkowski (to Hilbert): Connect two tethers together, then attach them to the restraint. That should be enough slack for me to reach him with my propulsion maneuvering unit.
Eiffel: Is that your jetpack thingy?
Minkowski: Yes, Eiffel, that's my jetpack thingy!

Luke: Alright, so she is actually one of the... most championship people. (starts laughing)
Kevin: Most championship people?
Luke: You love my English?
Kevin: Yes!
Luke: I love my English!
Hobo Bros, Squidella gears up for SPLATOON 2

Bugs Bunny: I now pronounce you monster and beast. You may kiss the, uh... thing.

northernwinedregs: Hi brain, you obstinate fucker. I drank the clear splashy stuff. I ate the green things. I went under that bright fucker up there. I did the thing with the moving and sweating and whatnot. Now make the happy chemical, you lump of fuck.

It's a ticklish sort of job making a thing for a thing-ummy-bob
Especially when you don't know what it's for
But it's the girl that makes the thing that drills the hole
that holds the ring that makes the thing-ummy-bob
that makes the engines roar
And it's the girl that makes the thing that holds the oil
that oils the ring that makes the thing-ummy-bob
that's going to win the war.
The Thing-Ummy-Bob, written by Gordon Thompson and David Heneker, 1942

Murphy: Something is wrong with the zappy stuff.
Rowan: It's not zapping.
Electrician's Dog: I've come to fix your zaps.

The nose un-stuffer?
Chuckie Finster, Rugrats, "Baby Power"

We love our shimmery click-clacks, but without paying attention to the environment the future of shimmery click-clacks isn't looking too bright.
— Dicemaker Nina Aurora

Callie: I know that big machine! It's the... y'know... the thing!
Marie: You sure have a weird definition of "know".

Terry: Computer, analyze the metal this thing's made of. (nothing happens) Computer?
Bat-Computer: Incorrrect command.
Terry: (Beat) Uh... do the thing where you figure out what it's made of.
Bat-Computer: Request for spectrographic analysis?
Terry: Uh, yeah, that's it. What you said.
Batman Beyond, "Shriek"

Blackadder: Baldrick, where's the manuscript?
Baldrick: You mean the big brown papery thing tied up with string?
Blackadder: Yes, Baldrick, the manuscript belonging to Doctor Johnson.
Baldrick: You mean the baity fellow in the black coat who just left?
Blackadder: Yes, Baldrick, Doctor Johnson.
Baldrick: So you're asking me where the big brown papery thing tied up with string, belonging to the baity fellow in the black coat who just left, is?
Blackadder: Yes, Baldrick, I am, and if you don't answer, the booted bony thing with five toes at the end of my leg will soon connect sharply with the soft dangly collection of objects in your trousers. So for the last time, where is Doctor Johnson's manuscript?
Baldrick: On the fire.
Blackadder: On the WHAT?
Baldrick: The hot orangey thing underneath the mantelpiece.

We, like, worked our tails off, y'know? Like a lot! And the food we gathered was totally... you know! And you're, you're all whatever!
Heather, Over the Hedge


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