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Dermot: This, I have to see: how TV's gonna be made in a hundred years' time! Think of the programmes! 4D television, news with robots, comedies with jokes! (exits the TARDIS) Brucie? You're still here?
Bruce: Nice to see you.

They've got rid of all these women in their sixties, when Bruce Forsyth is still working and Bruce Forsyth - they've found woolly mammoth fossils that are younger than Bruce Forsyth, but he is still working!
- Hugh Dennis, Mock the Week

I think this time tunnel is broken; we have gone a thousand years into the future and Bruce Forsyth is still working!
- Hugh Dennis, "Lines you wouldn't hear in a sci-fi movie", Mock the Week

On today's show we'll be talking about the Jurassic period, where only dinosaurs and Bruce Forsyth roamed the Earth.
(audience laughs)
He's old, innee?
Rob Beckett, "Things you wouldn't hear on a science documentary", Mock the Week


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