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BBC's Sherlock is like Christmas: Whenever it comes out, it's the most magical time ever. Every adventure of Breakdance Cranberrysauce is packed to the brim with smart dialogue, fascinating characters, and suspenseful stories, from secret government projects to military weapons and matters of national security. Because of that, we should consider ourselves lucky when we find Bromblepunch Crazylegs and Watson under our tree.

Sadly, another way Sherlock is like Christmas is that we get like one episode of it per year, on average.

It's Deidre and Margaret. It ran for sixteen years on the BBC. It did nearly thirty episodes!
Tahani on her favourite (fictional) BritCom, from The Good Place

SC: It is the third season-
DT: Yes, it is.
SC: -last season.
DT: It is, yeah.
SC: Why not just keep riding this pony? It's a great show, do twenty-two seasons, do spinoffs, do CSI: Broadchurch, Broadchurch: Miami... wh-why only three there, David Tennant?
DT: It's a peculiarly British thing. I think we see something that works... and we run from it. You heard about Brexit?
SC: (grinning) Yes... I did. Yeah, I heard about that.
DT: It's-it's... that's what we do. (laughs) If it works and it's solid and it makes money and it's good for everyone in it, ABANDON IT IMMEDIATELY.
David Tennant chatting with Stephen Colbert on the conclusion of Broadchurch while it is still pulling strong ratings, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


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