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Bringing Me To Life

Chapter 1, Life

Smith: Mr.Anderson.
Neo: [Wary] Smith, my name is Neo. You know that.
Smith in response: Hmm, of course, Neo. What exactly are you doing here, all by yourself.

"Neo, Neo, Love. Life, wake up."

"I've always loved your ice-blue eyes."

Chapter 2, Present

Smith: Neo's right, it's far too early for you to start...stop that. Neo, he just peed on me. It is not funny.
Neo: His name is Hai.
Smith: Yes, Hai for the 'Ocean' of pee that now resides in our bed and on myself.''

Chapter 3, Hai

Neo: Smith ?
Smith: Yes, my Life
Neo: Did you let Hai in last night ? I forgot too.

"Hi. Mom, Tom and Ad are here."
Rebecca La Mort

Lucy La Mort, to Neo and Smith: Hey, guys. You need help with something ?
Neo, in response: Maybe, most likely. Well...
Smith, stifling inappropriate laughter and finishing the sentence: Hai appears to vanished during the night. We are wondering if he wouldn't be hiding here somewhere. Seeing how much Hai loves being around Rebecca and James

?: Hey. Where are you going ? Come back!
Neo, as Hai runs up: Hai, Hai, thank God, you're all right.

Smith, to the boy: What is your name ?
Boy: M' name's Cole.
Smith: Is that a first or last name ?
Cole: I don't know, it's the only one I've ever had.

Smith: Cole, do you have a place to stay to stay for a while ? Or are you alone in here ?
Cole: No, I don't. Mom and Dad left me here by myself. They didn't explain why I had to leave either. I didn't want to go away, I don't know what to do
Neo, hummed: Well, you can stay with us for a while

Chapter 4, Hit

Teenage Cole: You really just said that, Sam ? Tell me you didn't.
Sam: So, what if I did, Colett. What're you gonna do about it. You're a damned weakling
Cole takes Sam's legs out from under him

Smith: Since when has Sam been insulting you ? Just like your Dad you do not kick first and ask questions later
Cole, looking down: Since my first day of school. The reason I never snapped was because of you and 'Becca. Sam shouldn't 'ave insulted you. He doesn't know you, Sam's a damned idiot and doesn't shut up. Says whatever stupid thing comes into his empty head
Neo: Well, you went that long without hitting him, at least. More than I managed with Smith. You know he never shut up the first time I met him. The next time I did... I kicked his ass three times in the same day. Just don't do that to Sam he won't live through it

Chapter 5, End ?

Male Nurse: She's waiting outside
Neo: [Blanking] She ? She who ?
Nurse: The Oracle. Do you remember her ?
Neo: [Glaring] Of course I do. My memory is not that bad, damn it. Let her in.

Chapter 6, Start

Cecil, to Max: Well, well blondie. Looks like we're alone again and this time there's no Mr. Anderson to save you.

Chapter 7, Turtle

Max: It only got into actual beatings when... when they found out about me. They implied stuff about us today because you helped me yesterday. I wanted to punch them for it, I couldn't. I'm too damned helpless.
Cole/Mr. Anderson: I think you're like my Dad and I. Father always said Dad did and I do think first and kick second. I could help you, Max. My Dad before he died, he taught me all sorts of martial arts. I could teach you.

Chapter 8, Groceries

"Max ! Get your worthless ass out of bed and get the groceries."
Max's Dad, Gabriel Jameson

Max: [Angry] That, that son of a... he took my money. My debt, the cash everything. How the, ergh, that bastard.
Smith: [Calm] I will pay for it.

Chapter 9, Hurt

Flashback Tom/Neo: Whoever said I was trying to hide ?
Flashback Agent Smith: It was just a 'mistake' then that you made it this far without being caught ?
Flashback Tom/Neo: [Grinning] Sure, let's go with that.

Max's Mom: Max, baby ? Are you awake ?
Max: Yeah, I am.

Chapter 10, Apology

Chapter 11, Fair

Flashback Smith: What do you think we should do now ?
Flashback Neo: I don't know, wander ?
[A dove on Neo's shoulder that he hasn't noticed]
Flashback Smith: I think it happens to like you.
Flashback Neo: [Confused] What likes me ?
Neo jumps as the dove coo's

"Lass nicht los!" - "Don't let go!"
"Ich will nicht, meine Liebe." - "I will not, my love."
Terrified flashback Neo and Smith, Gratuitous German

Chapter 12, Ghost

''"I'm going crazy."

Chapter 13, Sleep

Chapter 14, Jacket

Smith: Why do I need this, again ?
Neo: I've never seen you in anything but that. Of course, it looks good, but, I want to see you in something new, Ice-eyes. You've gotten a new life and love, so why not, if you like it at least, a new jacket too, hmm ?
—On the jean jacket

Chapter 15, Agents

Chapter 16, Leaving

Mrs. Jameson Who are you ?
Smith: Smith, Adrian, Smith. It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Jameson.
Mrs. Jameson: The pleasure is mine, Mr. Smith, thank you for helping Max, you don't know how much it means to me.
SmithIt was nothing and I would have done it anyway.
— All while Mrs. Jameson is giving Max an approving look


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