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The limbs of the Highlander are strong and sinewy, the frame hardy, and of great physical power, in proportion to size. He endures cold, hunger, and fatigue with patience.

Because it's Scotland, and they still build fucking men up there.

Nothing put more heart into me, young and unsure as I was — most of all, fearful of being seen to be fearful — than the fact that, being a Scot, it was half expected of me that I would be a wild man, a head case. This age-old belief among the English, that their Northern neigbours are desperate fellows, hangs on, and whether it's true or not it's one hell of an encouragement when you're nineteen and worried how you'll be when the whistle blows and you take a deep breath and push your safety forward.
Quartered Safe Out Here, by George Macdonald Fraser

"Like the rocks that break the waves, Highlanders have weathered many storms. Ancient alliances kept their lands safe, but their oaths have come due. They join our war out of obligation, but they are not to be underestimated. Their claymore is the heaviest sword ever wielded. It can cut down even the most armored warrior. The elements battering their lands have made them strong; war has made them deadly."
Highlander Trailer, For Honor


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