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Stu: (catches the bouquet) "Look, Didi! I caught the bouquet!"
Didi: (tosses the bouquet to the bridesmaids) "He's already married!"
Rugrats, "Let Them Eat Cake"

Joel: Now you have to get married.
Wednesday: It's not binding.
Disgruntled Relative: Tramp.

"Ugly women will hit pavement to get that bouquet. It's like throwing a ham bone in a room full of pit bulls. 'Let the blood flow, boys. There they go.' But when they throw the garter, men run. We act like the thing's a hand grenade dipped in age. 'OH GOD! IT TOUCHED MY PANTS! IT TOUCHED MY PANTS!'"

"Look, Princeton! I caught the bouquet! ...Well, actually a little girl caught it, but she wasn't holding it very tight."

"Oh, and one other thing: I want to catch the bouquet at the end. I don't care how you work it out, but I want to be the guy who does that. If anybody else lays a finger on those flowers, I will murder them!"

Linda Danvers caught the bouquet.
She gasped in surprise and pleasure, standing there in her light blue dress outside Metropolis's First Presbyterian Church. She stood beside her foster parents, Fred and Edna Danvers. All three had been throwing rice till the flowers were thrown. Linda looked at the bundle of yellow roses for an instant. Then she glanced at Lois Lane, in her white bridal gown, grinning and giving Linda a big wave. Linda smiled back.
Clark Kent, in a black tux, held onto Lois with one arm, waved with the other, and winked at Linda. She smiled shyly at him. Linda didn't have to guess whose super-breath had guided those flowers just where he'd wanted them.

"It's mine! Better not take down the decorations on the terrace cause Jessie's gonna land herself a man!"
Jessie, Jessie


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