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Quotes / Blood from the Mouth

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"So how's your own blood taste? I bet that's the first time that pretty face of yours has ever been hit!
Guts after punching Griffith

Gonna wiz red...

Ross: Oh no! it's that time of the month! it's your mouth-period!
Barry:M-my mouth period...Mouthstruation.
The cast's response to this trope in Hyper Light Drifter, Steam Train

Minkowski: Woah... Eiffel, maybe you should sit down?
Eiffel: (violent coughing, gagging)
Eiffel: Oh... Well that's not good...
Minkowski: That's... That's a lot of blood...
Wolf 359, Lame-O Superhero Origin Story

Both were bleeding, Kara from one side of her mouth, U-Ban from a nose that had run into her knee.

Below her was the unmoving, unconscious form of Satan Girl, a trail of blood leaking from one corner of her mouth, and Drang, whose magic bolt had gone through the space which she occupied a nanosecond before.

I remember thinking there was so much... too much... too much for a bit lip or a cut gum or a sore throat, and it sure as hell wasn't going to clear up by lunchtime. I was just wondering what it really was when confusion turned to fear... at first I thought I was choking. This time it wasn't blood, and it wasn't snot. Wasn't even liquid.
I'd just spat a piece of myself into the sink.
Constantine realizes he has lung cancer, Hellblazer: The Beginning Of The End

Scott: No, Derek's not dead. He can't be dead.
Stiles: Blood spurted out of his mouth, okay? That doesn't exactly qualify as a minor injury. He's dead, and we're next.
Teen Wolf, "Night School"


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