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"Yeah, Ainsley, I wanted to say hello, and to mention, you know, uh, a lot of people assumed you were hired because you were a blonde Republican sex kitten, and well, they're obviously wrong. Keep up the good work."
President Bartlet, The West Wing

"Jerry Falwell with better legs."
Urban Dictionary on Ann Coulter

"During last night’s show, People named Kate Upton as their Sexiest Woman Alive. People is really getting creamy for blondes this year, I see. Kate Upton accepted her trophy while dressed up like a conservative dominatrix secretary."

"Debbie Schlussel is an extreme right-wing commentator who apparently has fantasies of being the next Ann Coulter. She does have Coulter's two most prominent traits, in that she is

1.) Blonde.
2) Only slightly to the political left of Mussolini."

"The women of Fox are attractive, which is not an unusual requirement for female TV personalities, but they are dramatically, disproportionately blond and share a particular ebullience."
John Haggerty, "My Personal Fox News Nightmare: Inside a Month of Self-Induced Torture"


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