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Quotes / Bladder of Steel

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"I mean, if you have to answer the phone, or take a shit, it's like, 'Tough shit if you gotta take a shit!' You gotta take a quick shit! You gotta have turbo turds! I'm trying to play the game, I've got shit stains in my pants, and an answering machine that says 'Sorry, I'm playing Ghostbusters II on Nintendo.' What a selfish game. Bottom line, have a fucking pause button, Goddamn it!"

"Complete the Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing."
Rock Band 2 Bladder of Steel Achievement, note 

"You have got a new title: Painful butt?"
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4, after using 50 continues in a row

"...this guy has been standing here since I was working the morning shift. Hours and hours. And he's still only about 720k into his game. Can't imagine him being in anything but top health condition to try this. Guy's gotta have legs made out of carbon fiber and a bladder of tungsten."
the Player Character, Arcade Spirits, on Percy going for the world record of Mr. Moopy's Magic Maze


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