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Marsalis: "You don't understand what you're up against. You think because Merrin's killed a couple of dozen people, he's some kind of serial killer writ large? That's not what this is about. Serial killers are damaged humans. You know this, Sevgi, even if Tom here doesn't. They leave a trail, they leave clues, they get caught. And that's because in the end, consciously or subconsciously, they want to be caught. Calculated murder is an antisocial act, it's hard for humans to do, and it takes special circumstances at either a personal or a social level to enable the capacity. But that's you people. It's not me, and it's not Merrin, and it's not any variant thirteen. We're not like you. We're the witches. We're the violent exiles, the lone-wolf nomads that you bred out of the race back when growing crops and living in one place got so popular. We don't have, we don't need a social context. You have to understand this: there is nothing wrong with Merrin. He's not damaged. He's not killing these people as an expression of some childhood psychosis, he's not doing it because he's identified them as some dehumanized, segregated extratribal group. He's just carrying out a plan of action, and he is comfortable with it. And he won't get caught doing it-unless you can put me next to him."

Onbekend: Look, the fucking cudlips, they talk such a great fight about equality, democratic accountability, freedom of expression. But what does it come down to in the end? Ortiz. Norton. Roth. Plausible, power-grubbing men and women with a smile for the electors, the common fucking touch, and the same old agenda they've had since they wiped us out the first time around. And every cudlip fucker just lines right up for that shit. ...You know how you breed contemporary humans from a thirteen? You fucking domesticate them. Same thing they did with wolves to make them into dogs. Same thing they did with fox farming in Siberia back in the 1900s. You select for fucking tameness, Marsalis. For lack of aggression, and for compliance. Tell you how you get that. How you get a modern human. You get it by taking immature individuals, individuals showing the characteristics of fucking puppies. Area thirteen, man. It's one of the last parts of the human brain to develop, the final stages of human maturity. The part they bred out twenty thousand years ago because it was too dangerous to their fucking crop-growing plans. We aren't the variant, Marsalis-we're the last true humans. It's the cudlips that are the fucking twists. Modern humans are fucking infantilized adolescent cutoffs. Is it any wonder they do what they're told? They tried to contain us. But we'll beat that. We will, we're fucking wired to beat it. We're their last hope, Marsalis. We're what's going to rescue them from the Ortizes and the Nortons and the Roths. We're the only thing that scares those people, because we won't comply, we won't stay infantile and go out and play nice in their plastic fucking world. We’re the long walk back to hunter-gatherer egalitarianism, Marsalis. We’re going to show those fuckers what freedom really means."

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