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"I remember watching 'Duet' and thinking that here was a Trek series willing to push the franchise and go into new and powerful territory. I also remember watching 'Move Along Home' and wondering if everyone had lost their minds. (Not that I had much room to talk as the proud author of 'Aquiel' and 'Rascals.')"
Ronald D. Moore on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Move Along Home"

"The look on Avery Brooks’ face when he has to perform the ‘Allermaraine’ rhyme and hopscotch dance! It might be Nana Visitor who says this is not what I signed up for but the feeling behind that sentiment is exemplified in Brooks’ pained expression."
Doc Oho on "Move Along Home"

"... mirror universe episodes often feel a little bit like watching a staff party, as actors and writers are given a temporary reprieve from the characters and grounding of the show to just play out some crazy adventures."
Darren Mooney on Star Trek

"On the Grand Scale of Kinda Crappy Sci Fi/Fantasy TV Show Episodes About Reincarnation, this one ranks just under the episode of Xena where she came back as a South Carolinian college professor so that she could fight Nazis in World War II. But only just."
Chris Sims on Smallville ("Spell")


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