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Quotes / Bizarre Alien Biology

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1. There's just no such thing as safe sex with some species. (Think mate-then-kill.)
2. Who's to say she's the one who'd get pregnant?
3. Two words: Andromeda Strain.
Harley Quinn "Chance@Love"

Wit: Perhaps a story for a child. I will tell you one, to get you in the mood. A bunny rabbit and a chick went frolicking in the grass together on a sunny day.
Kaladin: A chick... baby chicken? And a what?
Wit: Ah, forgot myself for a moment. Sorry. Let me make it more appropriate for you. A piece of wet slime and a disgusting crab thing with seventeen legs slunk across the rocks together on an insufferably rainy day. Is that better?
Kaladin: I suppose.

"Every time they are inseminated, they get a fresh injection of the hormone. They are literally fucking themselves stupid."
M'Lai, Chakona Space

"Never have I been so glad to have nine stomachs."
Starfire, Teen Titans

Lex Callister: Enough chatter! Everyone lie down, and put your hands behind your head!
Tetrisoid Tough: I can't lie down.
Luna Loxodont: I don't have hands.
Lex Callister: It's times like this I start feeling really, really bigoted.
Junshodan: I don't have a head.

"Don't let the chromatophores fool you. I exist in only three dimensions and I have a certificate saying so."
Sam, Freefall

I don't know how you eat with an eyeball in your mouth, but I'm glad you like it.
Steven, to Centipeetle, Steven Universe

Hmm, you animals have a lot of heart. Too bad we have ten of them.

Torg: You broke my heart, Anyanka.
Anya: Don't be so dramatic, Torg. You don't even have a heart. Six spleens, two stomachs, half a brain maybe, but no heart.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Showtime"


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