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"We're genetically compatible, highly intelligent and have the same goals. It makes perfect sense to get married."
David explaining to Fox why they should marry each other, Gargoyles

Diane: You know, I think we're alike in a lot of ways.
BoJack: I always tell people you're like the not-cool version of me.
Diane: Sometimes that's great, but it also means we can bring out the worst in each other.
Bojack Horseman, "BoJack Kills"

Hi-Five Ghost: Can I get a half cup Americano please?
Celia: Good choice. I mean, I'm no coffee expert, but I gotta say; I think this place has the best Dark Roast in town.
Hi-Five Ghost: No arguments here. This is one of my favorite coffee spots.
Celia: Yeah, I love stopping here and then going to the record shop down the street.
Hi-Five Ghost: I know the one! The owner's super chill and they have a huge "Down-Tempo Electronica" section.
Celia: Wait, you like "Down-Tempo Electronica"? Me too!
Hi-Five Ghost: Wow! Cool!
Celia: (offering to shake hands) I'm Celia, by the way.
Hi-Five Ghost: (shakes hands with Celia) Hi-Five Ghost.
Celia: Um, do you maybe wanna head over there with me after a coffee?
Hi-Five Ghost: Yeah, sure.
(Cut to the City Record Shop)
Celia: Everyone says the Photon's Forming is Stereo Fighters' best album, but Tripdic Lullaby is my favorite.
Hi-Five Ghost: Me too!
(Cut to the aquarium)
Celia: Whoa, this is so cool.
Hi-Five Ghost: Yeah, there's something about watching animals that makes me feel really peaceful.
Celia: Yeah... me too.
(Cut to Wing Kingdom)
Celia: Whoa! This is like the worst thing I've ever tasted.
Hi-Five Ghost: Yeah! Me too!
(Cut back to the Cafe)
Hi-Five Ghost: Today was really fun! I never met anyone I had so much in common with.
Celia: Me too! I mean, me either.
Regular Show, "The Postcard"

Alessa: I don't have a shred of grace. I'm more at home on a battlefield than a ballroom. If people have anything good to say about me, it's usually that I'm strong as an ox or a warhorse or something. I'll go beat the snot out of some monsters right now if you want proof. That's the kind of person I really am... Do you... have a problem with that?
Gram: ...
Aldo: Go on, say something.
Gram: I see... Sounds like I may have been a little too quick to judge. I'm sorry I didn't do you the courtesy of finding out who you really were.
Alessa: Huh...? What's that s'posed to mean?
Gram: Truth is, I'm generally thought of as an uncouth, clumsy oaf myself. If we got together, no fragile thing in the land'd be safe. Are you sure about this?
Alessa: Sounds great! That macho strength of yours is part of what attracted me to you in the first place! With my brawn, and your brawn, we could really have some fun together!
Aldo: Huh?
Gram: Never thought of it like that before. Awright, you got yourself a deal!
Aldo: Wait, what?! It takes all sorts to make a world... Those two are a perfect match.

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