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"I'm the guardian of this world! It's my job to see that you do no further damage to it!"
Lord Death, Soul Eater

Crosshairs: Ugh, you just want to die for the guy. That's leadership... or brainwashing.
Drift: No, that's Optimus Prime.

First Doctor: There is good, and there is evil. I left Gallifrey to answer a question of my own. By any analysis, evil should always win. Good is not a practical survival strategy. It requires loyalty, self-sacrifice and uh, love. And so, why does good prevail? What keeps the balance between good and evil in this appalling universe? Is there some kind of logic? Some mysterious force?
Bill Potts: Perhaps there's just... a bloke.
First Doctor: A... a bloke?
Bill Potts: Yeah. Perhaps there's just some bloke wandering around, putting everything right when it goes wrong.
First Doctor: Well, that would be a nice story, wouldn't it?
Bill Potts: That would be the best.
First Doctor: But the real world is not a fairy tale.
Doctor Who, "Twice Upon a Time"

"The only thing you love lives at 254 Wendell Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. I guard it, same as I guard you. Do not question my judgment. Do not pursue me or my agents. Trust in me. I am always watching."
The Machine, Person of Interest

"Everyone respects him; for of all the deer in the forest, not one has lived half so long. He's very brave, and very wise. That's why he's known as The Great Prince of the Forest."
Bambi's mother, Bambi

"This is no mere Ranger. He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn. You owe him your allegiance."

I flew from star to star, world to world. Here I lifted up a failing race, there I ended a plague; in another place I fed the hungry. A century flew past. And another, and more and more. Time was almost meaningless to me now. My challenges were vast and worthy, they kept my mind engaged. I made friends on many worlds, became an honorary member of a hundred families, clans, tribes, species, races. They spoke of me, of the Ellimist as I had become known, with respect, gratitude, awe.
Toomin AKA the Ellimist, Animorphs - The Ellimist Chronicles

"There are other scientists like me. Any one of them could have done what I did. But you... everything we asked for, everything we needed. Men, material, lunar rovers. Who else could have done these things? They heard me, but they listened to you. Of all the ministers and all the deputies, entire congregation of obedient fools, they mistakenly sent the one good man. For God's sakes, Boris... you were the one who mattered most."
Valery Legasov, to Boris Shcherbina, Chernobyl

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