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Quotes / Big Bad Bosses

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Will somebody put out that racket?
If there's trouble you're 'bout to attract it.
G-Cash my moves is so practiced
like a phantom watch while I smash this.
Fly honeys to my room like it's tragic.
Don't make waves, silence is magic.
If there's a fever Imma damn well catch it.
If there's a record Imma damn well scratch it.

Yo, check out my mad flows!
Not this minion Gingerbread Cornrows.
Everyone here knows I'm dinero,
Stomp one, two, three, four heroes.

I'm Ronik don't even need a step.
I engineer beats like Imhotep.
Players run when they see me on a mic check.
I got spikes that'll make a dude's life wreck.

Hey ladies, I'm Sephy.
Give me your digits, phone gettin' heavy.
I'll pick it up, you can see what we start.
I might just break your heart.
I'm the Boss

I'm Dr. Eggman, I'm not an egg man. Don't make me beg man, don't play no games!
I wrote the book, man. On how to cook, man. Alright now look, man. I got a name!
Egg Man

That's the way we do the Raid! That's the way the game is played!
No one's coming to your aid! Never let the music fade!
That's the way we do the—(Hooah!) That's the way we do the—(Hooah!)
That's the way we do the raid!
The Raid


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