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Thief: She plays it up well, the clumsiness and the slurring, but no matter how much hard liquor she puts away she’s never been more than tipsy.
William: You think she’s deceiving us,
Thief: I think she’s playing it up for her audience. Isn’t that what Bards do?
William: She’s a heroine. That much can’t be faked. Why would she bother to trick us when she’s on our side?
Thief: When we left for Summerholm, there were five heroes in our band. And we all knew going in that one of us would die to the Warlock – monsters like that don’t go easy. It couldn’t be you, because you have a mirror on the other side. Hunter was meant to be your right hand, ill-suited as he was to the role. You needed me to get into the city and to get out afterwards. That left…
William: Almorava and Simeon. Your point?
Thief: Both of them are bumblers. There was a redundancy. But how much of an impression did Conjurer make, compared to the Bard? He barely talked while she was always in the background, larger than life, drinking and badly strumming her lute.

Yet it's very important not to underestimate men like Baxendale. A layman could easily write him off as ineffectual, a bit of a twit, but he has too much power to be written off like that. Because of what he does, he's a deadly son of a bitch. He can put you behind bars; he can arrange to have you dealt with in all kinds of ways. He may not really be up to his job, but he's the one doing it and he has the ear of people who can cause you a lot of grief.
The Specialist, by Gayle Rivers

Gangplank Galleon is what makes K. Rool a Nintendo character. Crocodile Cacophony is what makes him a Nintendo villain.
— A Youtube comment about King K.Rool, and how his themes represent his character.

You like burning?!? How about the burning inside your lungs as they choke for air?!? LIKE THAT?!?!?
Plastic Man to a villain that just set Martian Manhunter on fire.

Don't underestimate Nintendo's powerful plumber.
Boomstick, talking about Mario, Death Battle

Tai Lung: You can't defeat me. You're just a big, fat, panda!
Po: I'm not a big, fat panda. I'm the big, fat panda.

I was told Shego was in trouble! WHERE IS THIS AVIARIUS?!'
Dr. Drakken after being requested for backup, Kim Possible

Scorpion: Peurco? Hehehe, what are you, some kind of silly cartoon?
Spider-Ham: [offended] You got a problem with cartoons?

Databases updated. Subject upgraded to a level 87 threat level. Next time, I'll destroy you first, Plastic Man.
—- Brainiac, Justice League Action

Orie (entering the scene): Although she may be the Tenth Executor... it is only because when she was administered the test to determine her rank... Her answers were all off by one, and she failed. Her fighting ability, her strength, she is nearly unrivalled. She is the 'Ace' of the Licht Kreis. This is what happens when you use numbers to judge people based off of their title, Paradox.
Mika: That voice?! Could it be you, Orecchiette?! Y-You're alive?! You're amazing as usual, Orecchiette! I'm so touched I could cry!

Be careful always! Miror B. might look like a clown, but his battling is all business.


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