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Quotes / Beauty Is Never Tarnished

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Matt: This leads to a war flashback (!) in which Pamela Anderson (!!) in hilarious camouflage (!!!) remembers having to leave Axel behind at some kind of explosion barn.
Chris: It's very tragic, though, as he was only searching the battlefield for more strawberry lip gloss for her.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Barb Wire

"Women: We don't snore, we don't perspire, and we don't pass wind. If we didn't bitch, we'd explode!"
Kathleen Madigan

"Whatever vicissitudes she may undergo, from being dashed out of her carriage to having her head shaved in a fever, she comes out of them all with a complexion more blooming and locks more redundant than ever."

"Not that I don't enjoy a good Cat Fight between girls every now and then... but wouldn't it totally defeat the purpose if you hurt each other's beautiful faces and bodies with knives like this? I'd suggest you go with mud wrestling."

"Chipped tooth? After a face plant like that, she should have a broken nose and be bleeding everywhere! But we can't have that! She has to be beautiful at all times!"
Film Brain on Cam's face plant in Good Luck Chuck

"I'm pure at heart. It repels the dirt."
Isabelle Lightwood on why she manages to remain spotless after a fight, The Mortal Instruments

"We must go on a quest to find the antidote in a race against time, though at no point during the frenzied journey are we actually worried that the lady is going to die. THAT wouldn't happen; love-interest girls are only allowed to have sexy and alluring "bad things" happen to them, like an attractive scar on the cheek or a tragic past where Daddy didn't love her."
— A criticism of Eragon

Survivor: Why do you look like that? This is the freaking apocalypse, girl! What, do you think you're out on a date or something!?
Alex: Yes.


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