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"Amateurs make guesses. Professionals make choices"

"Authentic voice acting, and having this direct link into Hollywood and working with all these great actors, I mean it... for us, it is the real difference between making a good game and a great game"
Sefton Hill (Game Director), Batman: Arkham City Behind the Scenes Video

"I am grateful for these moments when a client realizes they CANNOT just hire any person off the street to do a VO job if they want it done well."

"If money gets made, talent gets paid."

"If the character can never express any emotion, why should the audience ever express any emotion?"

"If you can just focus on the acting, then the rest will come."

"If you provide a professional service, you are worthy of charging (and receiving) professional rates regardless of whether you’ve been doing it for five minutes, five months, five years or five decades."

"Make sure to treat your space, before you treat yourself to new equipment"

"Shit In is Shit Out" i.e. 

"There's a saying I use when directing newer actors, and that is to Master the Monotone. To accomplish that doesn't mean to speak with zero emotion but to realistically reserve emotion."

"There IS budget, when they want what they want"

"When you really think about it, you have to be a fool to become a voice-over. I was foolish enough to choose that as my career, and guess what? I’ve never been happier!"

"You don't want it to sound like a recording. You want it to sound like sound"