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"He's got wit he's got charm
But when he gets rough he'll break your arm
He's got taste, manners and grace,
But when he gets tough he'll slit your face
He'll buy you jewels, expensive clothes
Then his mind'll go and he'll bust your nose
He's a joker and a clown
But he'll pervert you and drag you down"
The Kinks, "He's Evil".

His mouth was insulting even when silent; you couldn't stand his gaze very long. I didn't know whether I wanted to kneel or slap his face. I didn't do either... He seemed to take a delight in giving me orders. He acted as if he were cracking a whip over an animal he wanted to break. And I was afraid... Because I liked it.
Karen Andre describing Bjorn Faulkner on the day he first met her and raped her, Night of January 16th by Ayn Rand

Porque te quiero, te aporreo (Because I love you, I beat you).
—Latin American saying.

Paul Rudd is so good at playing a dick boyfriend that Rihanna ducks when she watches Wet Hot American Summer.

In case you didn't get Helen is the wounded flower trying to make the marriage work and Charles is an evil prick then just wait another five minutes. In the following scenes Charles moves Helen's stuff out of his mansion and moves in the woman he is currently having an affair with. Of course, he doesn't tell Helen until he takes his new girl home to knock boots in their old bed. Charles then tells Helen to get in the UHAUL truck where he paid the driver to take her anywhere in the country and physically DRAGS HER OUT OF THE HOUSE KICKING AND SCREMING AND LOCKS THE DOOR BEHIND HIM!!! Holy crap! Could you make that scene any more melodramatic and over the top? The only way I can is if Helen stated she was pregnant and Charles said "Oh no you don't" and booted her in the stomach.


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