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    Fan Works 

Gohan: Wow. I wonder what's next for me?
Piccolo: (places his hand on Gohan's head) You peaked.
Gohan: What?
Piccolo: You peaked.
Gohan: You're kidding! After all that?!
Piccolo: Yeah...sorry.
Gohan: But...b-b-but I get stronger, right?!
Piccolo: Yeah,
Gohan: ...o-oh.

    Live-Action TV 

"You know, I was cool before I met y'all."
Charles Gunn, Angel ("Waiting in the Wings")



Duke (Duke!) You used to be cool
But you gotta make your mind up if you're modern or old school
(Duke!) You used to be cool
Learn to kick ass again and get rid of that lame 2-weapon rule
And then the world might not be so cruel

    Web Animation 

"Dracula does not tussle with the groundlings like a terrier at a bear-baiting!

Dracula does not do mandatory stealth sections!

Dracula does not fetch quest!

Dracula is the guy at the far end of an army of minions, slouched on a throne, tossing expensive wine glasses aside like he couldn't give two licks of a used tampon for whoever has to shampoo the carpet!"

    Web Original 

Matt: Wolverine cries a damn ton in this thing.
Chris: He is no more or less upset about Jean than he was about Professor X, which pretty much confirms every bit of fan-fiction on the Internet.
—Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on X-Men: The Last Stand

He's not misunderstood. He's actually not a good person. He's dangerous and Obi-Wan and Luke have to be desperate to count on him for transportation. They're putting their own lives in the hands of someone who just shot someone.

Eventually, Han becomes one of the heroes. Before all that happens, though, he shoots first.

No longer unzipping that stupid brown leather jacket for fear of seeing his paunch—what 50s hood wore a brown leather jacket? (and let's all agree to not even discuss the flared "mom jeans")—the Fonz of this sixth season of Happy Days seems to grimace at the inevitable wild hoots and hollers from the audience whenever he makes an entrance. His character doesn't even make sense anymore.

Just like it would with the Borg, this show manages to emasculate Q to the point of being a non entity. I mean what is the excuse for him returning this time? He wants a baby with Janeway? I can imagine some clever dick sitting around in the ideas sessions throwing that one out and Braga getting a hard on at the idea! ...Once upon a time, Q featured in knockout comedies such as "Déjà Q" and " Tapestry", but his day is clearly over – this is his worst appearance by some margin, and it is irritating as hell to watch.''

Somehow his undead character remains over with the fans despite The Undertaker wasting the majority of his career not using Twitter, not appearing on reality shows, and not performing in comedy sketches.

    Web Video 

"RoboCop has proven time and time again that he is a character who belongs in an adult world. He is not suited to daytime entertainment. As much as kids love the character, he is not designed for them. His world is very much a violent and corrupt one; and when you dilute that, it becomes something else, and he seems redundant."
Oliver Harper on RoboCop: The Series

You have seen the Iron Man armor hold its own against Thor, the God of Thunder. Now, after dozens of upgrades, it runs out of batteries, constantly malfunctions, falls apart, falls apart again, falls apart again, falls apart again, and takes its sweet time to assemble.

"Wolverine gets airsick. Ladies and gentlemen, the pussification has begun."

Max: Terminator 3 has a thing in it that I kinda like...
Jay: [grimly] Was it the "Talk to the hand" part? 'Cuz that's hilarious.
Max: No, it's the star glasses.
Jay: The star glasses. 'Cuz gay.
Max: "Yo, in the Jurassic World, the velociraptor with the star glasses!"
Half in the Bag, "A Conversation With Max Landis"

"And this is where he starts to cry again. Tommy-fucking-Dreamer, 'The Hardcore Icon', cries more often than the fucking guy who says 'leave Britney alone'."

"Micheal Myers, the unstoppable killer who's been shot, fallen off a balcony, burned in a fiery explosion, been hit by a car, fallen down a shaft, beaten senseless all over the place, is now stopped... by a bunch of stones on the floor. Great."

    Western Animation 

"Okay, we need to talk about this backpack thing. It's very demeaning. I'm the Grim Reaper, for goodness' sake! I used to have a chariot of 400 burning horses! My arrival at the scene would be heralded by a raging thunderclap of fear! Now it's "Hey, have you seen Grim?" "Yeah, I think he's wedged between a history textbook and a tuna fish sandwich!"


    Real Life 

"I think that once the writers saw that there was sort of a comedic flair, they began writing to it, to which I would say 'Please don’t do that. I can undercut, I can spoof, I can give a wink and a nod. But if you start writing me comedic, I don’t have anywhere to go.'"
John de Lancie on playing Q


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