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"If I've got my cape, I can sleep just about anywhere. And as for food, well... Something always turns up."

"Deathurge claims to be an embodiment of the latent self-destructive impulses in all sentient beings, appearing to certain people who have lost their will to live and grants them oblivion. But either his appointment book is seriously mixed up, or he enjoys trying to relocate some who are not ready for the hereafter. He also claims to be protecting the universe from "the chaotic blight of aberration called life", a questionable attitude indeed. Spiffy cape, though."
Bring On The Bad Guys

"Ah, cape's good. Gets caught in things, but when the wind blows, I look huge."
Chad Vader in the Rifftrax commentary for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

DAVE: dude dont touch my cape
DAVE: ...
DAVE: huh
"What's that, you want me to use the Edna Mode clip of "No capes!"? (laughs) Shut up, capes are awesome and he's superpowerful, he'll be fine."
Linkara, Atop the Fourth Wallnote 


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