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"I am... The Bee Keeper!"
"Oh my God, I WROTE that..."
Spoony, The Spoony Experiment, "FMV Hell Halloween Special-Bloodwings: Pumpkinheads Revenge"

"Why? Because the plot says so!"

"And Giggli or Gigli, or whatever the (bleep) they call it / I call it a piece of crap / Took ten bucks from my wallet. I mean, seriously? Whatever happened to strong characters, believable dialogue, and following a three-act story arc? Damn!"
— "50 Cent", "C.R.A.P." — Mad TV song parody

"Get away from the book by any means you can. Or, if you've been unfortunate enough to pay money for it already, fling it against the wall. It'll make a really satisfying thwack! when it hits. Just make sure no pets or toddlers are in the way."
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books on "Top Ten Signs You're Reading A Very Bad Romance Novel".

"You can't have a flashback with a flash-forward in it! That's just bad writing!"
Cyril Figgis, to Malory Archer, Archer


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