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Quotes / Bad Powers, Good People

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It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
Dumbledore, Harry Potter

The Aesir are a good natured people. Horrifically violent practitioners of magic so dark and evil that most don’t even know how their species ascended to godhood. But good people nonetheless. Naively so.
Aswang Temur, Vainglorious

460. I'd better have a real good excuse for being a Necromancer if I'm Lawful Good.

What superpower would you rather have? Everybody chooses flight, because heroes fly. A lot of people would rather be invisible. Invisibility is a total supervillain power, though, so they say flight...
—- Freddy Freeman, SHAZAM! (2019)

Nobody liked their heads being messed with, magi least of all, and in the dawn days of human history those with my rare Gift had carried the darker name of tyrant, and enslaved magi and mageborn through an enforced Gift-bond, a permanent linking of magical Gifts that allowed the tyrant unfettered access to their minds. But I wasn't them, hadn't enslaved people, and didn't deserve the black looks other magi aimed my way - well, not for that reason anyway. As a full-blown magus, I could have mentally forced Lynas to do as I wished, but I never had and never would.
The Traitor God, by Cameron Johnston

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