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Quotes / Backstroke of the West

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Ratio Tile: Everything ends the peaceful is willing to, the geography that I stands compares you superior!
Allah Gold: You underrated my ability!
Ratio Tile: Is!
— Ratio Tile to Allah Gold

Speaker D: Did you heard the tragedy that reach the man?
Allah Gold: Not.
Speaker D: I think to be too is not. I think that the hopeless situation elder also can't. That is a legend... Reaching the Man Cloth Space is the emperor. He is so strong and big. He even can use the original dint to create life. He is very deep to black influence understanding.
Allah Gold: In fact, he can come back from the brink of death?
Speaker D: The black influence can the matter that many Supermans, but other people thinks that these are what can't attains.
Allah Gold: The black influence howed is afterwards?
Speaker D: He become more and more strong and big. Lost his power afterwards afterwards he died. In fact he teaches own the whole skills all to disciple. Then his land killed him to let him going to bed. Satirizing the meaning is he can let other people, but is incapable for dint to the oneself.
Allah Gold: I can be then Academic Association this kind of magic.
Speaker D: Do not do the Hopeless Situation elder can.
— The Pudding recounting the Tragedy that Reach the Man to Allah Gold

He is in my behind!
— Random Red Shirt Troopseses pilot, before being shot down

We are Republicans, soldier!
— Random Red Shirt Troopseses serving under Vanquish Is

R2, do you is fucking?
— Ratio Tile to R2

Mr. Speaker, we can never compromise to black.
— Text How Big to D The Superior

This. Is what who fuck
— Ratio Tile to Particularly Reach the Master

—Reaching The West of Reaches

Alliance Troop: Superior, they have escaped a day after the fair.
Space General: I should really feeds you all dog.
— Space General and one of his underlings

I've had enough of these politicseses.
— Allah Gold

You are already at full cock now. Spread all over the place the empire.
— Speaker D to Allah Gold

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