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Anime & Manga

That sword needs its own ZIP code!
Syrus, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

"That thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy and too rough. It was more like a large hunk of Iron."
Berserk, narration describing Guts' Dragon Slayer

Rickert: What's this?
Erica: Oh, that? The Dragon Slayer.
Rickert: Dragon Slayer...?
Godo: A king sent out a proclamation long ago to bring him a sword that could kill a dragon, and so the lord put me on the job. At that time I'd gotten sick of doing work for nobles. "Make 'em refined, make 'em elegant..." Swords are just large butcher knives, after all. Tools meant for killing people. And so I forged it, as it was described. A sword that could butcher...a dragon.
Rickert: S-so then?
Godo: I almost got hung out to dry. So I ran away from the castle town, and I've lived here quietly since. I sure was young back then. Mighty things, things that could kill, that's all there was for me. But if anyone could handle this, it'd still just be a hinderance. I don't like losin' track of the essence of a tool, but that's exactly what I did here. Now it's a good reminder.
Rickert: Can it... kill one? Could this really kill... a dragon?
Godo: If there were any dragons. But you know, this ain't even what you'd call a sword. It's a meaningless slab of iron you can't even lift, for killin' dragons and monsters that ain't even real. Your friend looks like he's about to fight a dragon, though. Seems to want to fight even after losing his hand and eye. He ain't up to the job, is he? Dragons are dragons because humans can't beat 'em.
Berserk, Volume 14, "He Who Hunts Dragons"

Comic Books

Big guns were the old guy's thing... I always wanted a big @#$& sword!
Nathan Summers, Cable (2020) #1


Foma Drachensohn raised the first of his three swords, which weighed seven times seven Poods [505,54 pounds].


"...How the hell are those even wieldable?"
Ray, upon seeing a BFS in the Monster Hunter World in We Are Our Avatars

Tabletop Games

The greatsword is an easily misunderstood weapon. A novice feels the heft and striking power of the weapon, and concludes that it rewards pure force. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is an indescribably complex tool, a lever and a thrusting wedge, and especially against a brute like Raximar, not a big metal club to be swung around as hard as you can.

Video Games

You don't kill a man by mucking around with rifles, arrows, rocks or other long-distanced rubbish. You kill him by grabbing the biggest bloody sword you can find, running up nice and close to him, and chop the dumb bastard's head off!

Angeal: This sword... is heavy and unwieldy.
Zack: Tch! Then why don't you get a lighter one?
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, on the Buster Sword

Sephiroth's katana seems to extend for eternity, but that does not stop him from swinging it with superhuman celerity.
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's single-character selection screen, on Masamune

The barbed and jagged blade, at its widest, was nearly as broad as its wielder's chest, and had it stood point-down upon the earth, it would have proved taller than he, as well. It should have been utterly impossible to wield—but should and impossible were concepts for lesser beings than War.
And lesser weapons than Chaoseater.
Darksiders: The Abomination Vault

Web Original

"You see, 'cause, right now, this is the part in any RPG ever where you have to kill God. It's pretty rad. I love killing God; I do it every day. You know, some people have breakfast. I kill God, with my super giant... house-sized sword, you know. It's, uh... I have like three mortgages on it. Two families could live in it, but instead I use it as a weapon. It's pretty rad."
raocow, off on one of his usual tangents, here

Wiz: For untold decades, scientists have searched for a legitimate method of measuring a person's level of badassness, completely missing the obvious answer.
Boomstick: Just check out the size of his sword!


Dante: What's that butterknife you're trying to pass off as a sword? Let me show you what a REAL sword looks like.
Sten: This weapon is off balance to the point of uselessness. It may as well be scrap metal on a stick. Can I assume you wield it with the intent that it compensate for your inadequate genitals?

Western Animation

Hippolyta: And you could not find a bigger sword, Artemis?
Artemis: Sword? This is but my dagger.