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Notable quotes from the video game Azure Striker Gunvolt.

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     Audio Dramas 

     Anthem (1st Sumeragi) 
Boy: Man, your lips are way looser than mine...
Sumeragi Captor: Wha-?! You can still move? But that's impossible! The scourge pumped enough electricity into you to-
Boy: I -AM- electricity.
Sumeragi Captor: This lightning... It's septimal power! Y-Y-You're an Adept?
Boy: Ding ding. Thanks for the whipping. I needed a good recharge.
Sumeragi Captor: Azure light... You're Gunvolt... the Azure Striker!
Gunvolt: Now, time to hunt down the Muse.

Gunvolt: ...There it is. I need to channel electricity into that switch. Should be as simple as just tagging it and flashing it. Tag with my gun, follow with the Flashfield. That's how my world turns.

Gunvolt: ...Look, don't give up! You're alive for a reason! And if you need someone to help you find it, I'll be your compass. Pretend you can have anything you want. What would you wish for?
Girl: *Anything? Well... I want to be free. I want to stand at the top of the world and see it all!*
Gunvolt: The top of the world... All right. Then that's where I'll take you. ......Hey, Asimov? I'm done. I've decided to leave QUILL. You pulled me out of a bad place and made something out of me. I won't forget that. But now I want to do the same for this girl. I want to give her a chance.

Girl: They're like feathers... Are you an angel?
Gunvolt: Definitely not. ...The name's Gunvolt. What's yours?
Joule: I'm Joule. (Sparks rose from him like azure feathers. For a moment, I really thought he had wings. I'll never forget that day we met– My first taste of a freedom that couldn't last...)

     Abyss (Subaquatic Base) 

Merak: Aw, come on. Why are you still alive? Would it have killed you to just drown? I don't wanna do any actual work.
Gunvolt: Are you the commanding officer here?
Merak: Ugh... You really are gonna make me monologue aren't you? Ho-kay... I'm the Mighty Merak, you've meddled for the last time, yadda yadda. Look, I just wanna go play some Realms of Robocraft. Sit still while I kill you.

     Minaret (Media Tower) 

Gunvolt: Heh. You with Sumeragi?
Jota: With them? I am their crown jewel. My men called up to warn me a lightning wielder was trying to take the tower. And I knew who they meant... Gunvolt. But your childish rampage has reached its end. Before you stands Sumeragi's shining sentinel– Before you stands Jota! By my blade, you will not stop Sumeragi's noble message from being heard!

     Conflagration (Biochem Plant) 

Gunvolt: A Sumeragi Adept? Take a hike before you get hurt.
Viper: I'm gonna hike my boot right up your exit hatch, is what I'm gonna do. When I heard you were on the premises, I couldn't get down here fast enough. You can forget the reactor. I'm burnin' for a beatdown something fierce. The name's Viper. And you're gonna pay for takin' my girl away. Joule was mine!
Gunvolt: Aha! Wow... Whatever God made you broke the mold.
Viper: You jockblocked the wrong Adept, Gunvolt. There's a special corner in Hell for thieves like you!

     Kaleidoscape (Sinner's Row) 

Hooded Boy: A sword that can only be drawn at Sumeragi's behest... What good does a toy like this do, anyway? A rakshasa on a leash is a rakshasa all the same– an enemy to humanity. But I, not the supreme God, will be the one to banish those demons. Their twisted blood must be purged by human hands.

Zonda: Mmm, look at you. You're all boy, aren't you?
Gunvolt: And I hear you're a little of both.
Zonda: That's right... A plug for every socket, and a socket for every plug. I should warn you– I'm carnal. I'm a carnivore. And right now, you're a dangly little piece of meat. Taking you for a tug is going to be fun...

Hooded Boy: Return to your true Creator, you abomination.
Zonda: So hot...inside me...aaah! This pain...exquisite...nngh!!! Kill me...just like that...aaahhh...

Hooded Boy: ...The Azure Striker.
Gunvolt: Thanks for the, uh, help.
Hooded Boy: Heh... You've got the wrong idea. I'm not your friend any more than I am Sumeragi's. You're an Adept– just one more blight to wipe from the Earth.
Gunvolt: Huh?
Hooded Boy: I swear I will end you. ...Right now!

Hooded Boy: I have all the data I need. What you didn't spill in blood, you spilled in secrets...
Gunvolt: ...Your name. I deserve that.
Hooded Boy: No, you don't. That's a human privilege. But when God next sends me to judge you, you'll hear him whisper "Copen"...

     Spintronics (Datastore) 

Carrera: Thou art Gunvolt, I presume?
Gunvolt: ...I'm sorry, what? Did you just break out a "thou"?
Carrera: I'll not mince words. Duty moveth me not, nor do I pretend to justice. I seek only to possess everything... including the honour of destroying thee. Mayhaps fate placed me here for that very reason. I am Carrera. Now, come thou at me! Let thy levin be sundered betwixt fists of righteous magnetism!

     Underworld (Stratacombs) 

Aggressive Girl: How could you lose your memory, you stupid dolt? That is so cliché.
Original Girl: I'm sorry...

Gunvolt: Why are you the only one in here? Where did the personnel go?
Aggressive Girl: Oh, you didn't see them on the way down? You know, the living corpses?
Gunvolt: (Zombies? Even in a world full of Adepts, it sounded crazy.)
Aggressive Girl: Sumeragi wanted our power. The power of Resurrection... So we gave it to them... All of them. I guess they should have been more specific. Our name is Elise. And you're about to be the next to un-die.

     Garden (Pharma Lab) 

Stratos: You smell juicy. Mm, mm, mmm... Let me have a taste of that lip-smacking serum... Gimme a licky-lick...
Gunvolt: (I could tell at once that this guy was perfectly normal. ...I must've gotten the flower's juices on me when we fought. Apparently it was just what the doctor ordered for this psychopath.) I take it you're the Adept controlling the insect horde?
Stratos: Silence! Do not talk, you scrumptious thing! You will only make Stratos crave you more... Because of you, they will never make the hunger-stopping medication again! And now, Stratos is forever doomed to -hee hee- eat! A wittle victual like you is just -begging- to be nibbled and dribbled!

     Hostage (Urban Run) 

Sumeragi Soldier: Master Nova, we know where she is.
Nova: Really? You found the Muse? Wonderful! We'll need to extend her a warm welcome... Is our good friend back on his feet yet? He should be the one.
Sumeragi Soldier: I'll ready a unit for him, sir.
Nova: It's about time this Venture of ours got back on track. I was -almost- starting to worry we'd built this place for nothing.

Gunvolt: You're dead. This isn't possible!
Merak: You want me to -explain-? Oh, come on. Sooo not doin' it. Sorry. Anyway, this little piggie is Lumen, right? Time to cry wee wee wee all the way home. Boss' orders.
Joule: Agh! Let me go!
Merak: Ugh... When this is over, I am gonna sleep for, like, three days, I swear.
Gunvolt: Hey! Get back here!

Gunvolt: Let her go, Merak!
Merak: You again? Seriously? Are you really gonna make me break out my septima? Whyyy, man. Whyyy. ...Ugh, have it your way.
Gunvolt: Stop!
Merak: Uh, that's a big "nope". Die, please.

Nova: You know, I really wish you'd stop trashing all our company hardware.
Gunvolt: (An unfamiliar voice is issued from my communicator.) Who is this?
Nova: Oh good. I have the right frequency. What a pleasure it is to finally speak with you, Gunvolt. My name is Nova– commander of a bunch of recently deceased Adepts. That was very nice of you to keep my beloved Muse out of harm's way. And in five-star accommodations, no less! How can I ever repay you? Cash? Credit? Contraband?
Gunvolt: Can it! Give her back right now!
Nova: I'm afraid I can't do that. Lumen has a vital role to play in our Venture.
Gunvolt: What "Venture"?
Nova: I have big plans for her. With Project Muse, Sumeragi can finally administrate all the world's Adepts at once.
Gunvolt: "Administrate"? If that's just a fancy word for what I think it is– (All of this had started because Sumeragi was using Lumen against us. Her Anthem was causing the septima within every Adept to resonate. Which, in turn, made us dangerously easy to track. If amplified, who knows what the song could do? ...Maybe even brainwash us.)
Nova: People need a compass– whether it's religion, education, the media... For Adepts, that compass is Sumeragi. We keep you from destroying yourselves. The world is better off with us. Not that I expect a terrorist to understand. But as long as I have the Muse, and you have two ears, you belong to me anyway.
Gunvolt: The hell I do! (But the line had fallen silent.) Dammit... Joule!

     Streak (Eridu) 

Merak: Ugh. Couldn't you have stayed home and watched videos of cats or something?
Gunvolt: Where's Joule? Don't make me ask twice.
Merak: I brought her to Firmament, obviously. She's in outer space, man. ...Look. Here's how it is. Nova's a pretty alright dude for bringing me back from the dead. So as much as I'd rather be vegging out, I kiiinda owe it to him to kill you now.

     Stratosphere (Babel) 

Gunvolt: So you were hiding a third personality.
Aggressive Elise: Ding ding ding. Correct. And this one's an animal– a vicious beast who listens to no one. Sumeragi needed a powerful glaive to suppress her. But you killed us... You weakened the glaive. That was our chance to set her loose... to keep ourselves alive. It was worth plaguing the world with this wretch if it meant living again!
Insane Elise: Yee hee hee hee! Let'sss go for a tumble. We'll be on top... hee... and you'll be in pieccces!

Copen: And so envy succumbs to greed. I chose my weapon aptly. The power to take always trumps the desire to have. She deserved her punishment for playing God– just as you merit yours, Azure Striker. Come and meet your end.

Copen: Sumeragi has finally laid its machinations bare. The Muse Project? I spit on their "Venture". I'll strike their little canary down myself.
Gunvolt: We could work together! I'll help you take Sumeragi down. But you have to leave Joule out of it! She's innocent!
Copen: We're not negotiating here. I won't stop until every last Adept is dead. If you want to plead, you can plead with God now.

Copen: Father... you knew this would happen. You tried to warn those fools. I've let them all grow too strong... I can't pray for God to bring you back. But I can still pray those monsters destroy each other. And if any are left standing at the end of this... One day... one day, I will find them...

     Idolatry (Firmament - Part I) 

Nova: You like it? This machine gives me full septimal control over the Muse. You should ask Copen all about it. I assume you ran into him on the way up? His father laid the groundwork for all our Adept research. He built this machine. In fact, it's safe to say Sumeragi would have been nothing without him. A shame the dice rolled how they did...
Gunvolt: That's nice. If you're done spewing your horsejitt, let Joule go.
Nova: Not very civil at all, are you?

Gunvolt: ("Monsters", Copen had called us. And in this case, he'd be right. Nova had absorbed Joule completely– made her a part of him. Was that his septima? My mind swam...)
Nova: I was given this godlike power because my cause is righteous! The world is a system– one that must be protected from aberrations like you!

     Azure (Firmament - Part II) 

Asimov: What a waste, Gunvolt. You were supposed to lead us in the new era. With power like that–!
Gunvolt: Well, maybe you should've asked me first.
Asimov: I took a wrong turn with you somewhere... I'm sorry for that. But you've made your position clear. I'm on one side of this line... and you're on the other! You see, you're not the only Azure Striker. You were just the strongest... until now.

Joule: *We can go anywhere, you know. It's just us now.*
Gunvolt: All I want.........

     Original JP Mid-stage Dialogue 

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