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The simple fact of the matter is that if you watch any of these films for the sole purpose of laughing or wanking you will be bitterly disappointed... They are in many ways content to be feature film versions of saucy seaside postcards and like the picture postcards the films contain the 'hilarious' interactions and conversations of busty, promiscuous women, randy male chancers, outraged middle aged people and funny foreigners... However, this reliance on preposterous stereotypes and simplistic, outdated social conventions that make up the staple of these films is so wonderfully naïve that it creates a strange nostalgia that make you view the film somewhat favourably.
Richard Sandling's Perfect Movie Articles, "70's Sex Comedies"

Sex was not something the British were comfortable with. There was even a case for saying they weren't very good at it. What they were very good at still, was comedy... British sex comedies in general exist on a strange plain, rather like the cripplingly unfunny Italian sex comedies of the 70s (which were at least sexy) with a car-crash allure, impossible to ignore and with a comfort-food-like satisfaction; they were safe but naughty enough to keep to yourself. They allowed you to dip your toe in murky waters without succumbing to infection... [L]ike many reality shows of today, they allow you to watch someone else screw up a situation you have found yourself in whilst you watch from the comfort of your settee... [T]he more the act of sex itself is shadowed and portrayed as something illicit, the more you wonder what the protagonists have in mind.

British sex comedies were not great works of art. They weren't even poor works of art. They weren't art in any sense of the word, unless you include the art of producing insultingly shoddy and puerile rubbish — in which case, they were an artistic acme... as passionate and sexy as eating chops, boiled potatoes and peas off a tray while watching Love Thy Neighbour.


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