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"When we discover that the other stories in this trilogy were just 'practice runs' for the Monk's plan in this story, the writer is as good as saying that those stories were irrelevant as he ploughs on and does something intriguing with the formula himself. It's the equivalent of having three Master stories in a trilogy, and the bearded wonder making a grand speech in the final adventure declaring 'those last two schemes of mine were never meant to defeat you, Doctor, they were just practice runs for this — my Masterplan!'"
Joe Ford on Big Finish Doctor Who, The Secret History

"Stigma arrives midway through the second season, and seems to confirm the prognosis of so many pop culture commentators eager for blood after the failure of Star Trek: Nemesis. Star Trek is just the walking dead, at least in this iteration. Something radical is needed; something new. It might not be enough to save the franchise, but perhaps it can redeem the show."

And ice cream! I said "Let them eat cake and ice cream!"
The Far Side, Marie Antoinette's last-ditch effort to save her head


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