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Nurse Mahiro and Shishio Tokiko... I'm sorry. It's not my characters that are out of control. It's me.
Nobuhiro Watsuki displays refreshing honesty, Busou Renkin chapter notes

Men should be buff! Women should be vavoom!
Hiromu Arakawa gets straight to the point regarding her characters in Fullmetal Alchemist and elsewhere


Burt Reynolds used to make movies about people's lifestyles. Now he seems more interested in making movies that fit in with his own lifestyle.


    Web Original 

The breasts of damn near every single woman in this game are their own interactive objects, with their own flavor texts and conversation trees attached — usually leading to your guy grabbing those breasts (without permission and without protests)! ...the women in question have a surprisingly non-violent conversation about the minute little scientific details behind their space-boobs. But let's not forget the real elephant here: That not even boobs are saved from Kojima flavor text.

Of course, Zack’s got a scam going, and during a Time-Out, where a busy hallway of extras makes a really bad job of standing still, he explains how he’s bet his own dirtbike against that of Nedick, on Slater to win. Zack doesn’t even own a dirtbike, but he won’t need to, cos Slater’s gonna crush that Valley punk. Incidentally, dirtbikes were a real-life interest of Gosselaar’s, and their inclusion here is the result of the forms all the kids filled in when the series began, listing real-life hobbies that could be used in the show.
Stuart Millard on Saved by the Bell, So Excited, So Scared''

Who said Doctor Who wasn’t capable of putting the willies up you in the 80’s? And that's not me speaking literally in the wake of JNT's memoirs.... Enjoy a moment of bondage on JNT as two skinheads are stripped to their boxers and left hanging from a tree.

Pertwee was perhaps the most physical of Doctors, and he was—rather famously—fond of cars. So Planet of the Spiders features an incredibly gratuitous (and pointless) chase sequence that ends with the villain mysteriously disappearing... I enjoy a nice car chase every now and then. Of course, it is quite difficult to film and exciting an compelling car chase on the budget of Doctor Who in 1974. And it’s particularly frustrating when the sequence is split across two episodes and makes absolutely no difference to how anything plays out. I think that’s the real problem with the touches that were inserted to appeal to Pertwee’s style of Doctor Who. His fight sequences and his car chases don’t ever actually seem to be important to the grand scheme of the plot. It’s as if somebody mapped out the episode and then tried to shoehorn in these little nods towards Pertwee’s own preferences. So the Doctor is always beating up guards, only to be overpowered when the writers and the director think the scene has gone on long enough.

In 1987 ABC did a mini-series based on MacLaine’s book Out on a Limb, in which MacLaine converses with spirits through channeler Kevin Ryerson. One of the spirits who speaks through Ryerson is a contemporary of Jesus called “John”, who speaks, rather than Aramaic, a kind of fake Elizabethan English. “John” tells MacLaine that she is co-creator of the world with a god, which MacLaine accepts because, remarkably, this is a belief she has expressed earlier (i.e. that she is a god). It is pretty remarkable, isn’t it, that “John” told MacLaine exactly what she wanted to hear. Proves that the channeling works, right? ...I suppose the grandness of ego is an important factor in explaining the attraction between celebrities and mystical powers.
Encyclopedia of American Loons on Shirley MacLaine

Mr Russo: We all know the attractive, popular girls all laughed in your face in high school because you were a dork. But please, get over it and stop subjecting us all to your women-hating issues.
S. Bruce, Cageside Seats

Jonny Fairplay has freely admitted he was given $350,000 by TNA to do virtually nothing; fellow Survivor contest Jenna Morasca was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to have the worst wrestling match in history with Sharmell at Victory Road 2009 (Dixie is a big Survivor fan, apparently, hence why she goes out of her way to snag these celebrities that clearly aren’t worth the money).
Cageinsideseats on TNA President Dixie Carter, "Nightmare in Nashville"

It turns out that all Denobulans have polygamous relationships, where each husband has three wives, and each wife has three husbands. Out of Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, which one do you suppose came up with this particular concept? I'll give you a hint: At least one of them has fantasized about being with a fifty-foot woman and crawling into her vagina. Any guesses? You only get one. So make it count!
The Agony Booth on Star Trek: Enterprise, "A Night in Sickbay"

A young woman rejects a financially independent hunter in favor of an unemployed nobleman who lives off of the labor of others. Also, there are no trains in this movie. —Two stars.

Once upon a time, there was a short, bearded man from Southern California who wanted to make a modern fairy tale. He wanted the world to experience his take on Campbellian mytho-archetypes and the movie serials of his youth. He also wanted to make enough money to swim in it like a cowboy-booted Uncle Scrooge. Also, he wanted the world to share his fetish for dismemberment as entertainment.

Thankfully, you didn't have to feel gross for liking a Woody Allen movie this year, because he made Magic in the Moonlight and no one saw it. Does that movie feature yet another man wooing a woman who is half his age? Of course it does. Just to throw us off, Woody needs to make a movie where Justin Bieber nails Cloris Leachman.
Drew Magary, "The 25 Least Influential People of 2014"

It's none too hard to look at a movie in which (Tom) Cruise is playing an eternally recurring soul, using the power of his mind and memory of his past life to expand his capacity as a human being, unlocking his full potential after endless cycles of repetitive exercises, and think, "Hmmmm... this reminds me of something."

Chris: It is weird that Mr. Freeze is smoking a cigar in this scene, though. Like, Arnold, do you like cigars so much that you had to have your guy whose body temperature is 50 degrees below zero using a lighter? Really? Couldn’t have stuck a nicotine patch on for the duration of the movie?
David: I didn’t know Arnold loved cigars, I assumed the writers just wanted to make him look more mob-boss-y. Or set designers, or costumers, or director, or whatever.
Chris: Some Batman expert you are. Didn’t even buy the special Batman Forever four-cover set of the June ’97 Cigar Aficionado.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman & Robin

[Jon] Peters was previously a producer on a now-obviously-shelved Superman V film that was written by Kevin Smith. In An Evening With Kevin Smith, Smith revealed that Peters had only three demands of the Superman script, one of which was that it needed to involve 'a giant spider in the third act.' Huh. Weird that, before the script was even written, Peters knew that the story NEEDED a giant spider, but sure, whatever, let's move on.

Peters was also a producer attached to a film based on Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. The source material already existed and was great, and two writers were brought on to write the screenplay, and they were also great, but when Peters came on board, he, having not read the graphic novel, 'had figured out that what the movie needed to be successful was a giant mechanical spider,' according to Gaiman... If Wild Wild West hadn't come along to satisfy Peters' bizarre robo-spider boner, you can bet your ass he'd be trying to cram it into Ali.

About an hour later it was lunch and Hermione pulled out some pepper jack cheese, her fave kind of cheese. (AN: mine too!)
Ice Bear, Punk Butt Hermione?

Every series written [by Piers Anthony] post-Xanth-success has a pubescent girl involved with an older man. It's just that thing that happens to science fiction authors where their brain passes its "sell by" date and curdles, and they put their fetishes in every book. I call it Heinlein Syndrome.
cappadocius, forums

Commentor 1: I love how much these two obviously like each other, even if they aren't officially dating yet.
Commentor 2: Yeah, you can tell by the way one is a tall girl with enormous breasts and the other is a tiny guy and the author is Cool Kyoushinsha... Oh, and how they interact with each other too, I guess.

    Web Video 

...And that's pretty much it for the robots who, once again, only appear in about one fourth of their own movie, and even then usually as background noise to endless processions of military hardware on hand so Michael Bay can jack of his fetish for all things 'army'."

I believe in the afterlife. I believe in the healing power of Jesus. So a lot of times, I'll have dead loved ones show up for guidance in times of need. So in this case, this is not an internal projection of Jaden's; this is a ghost of his sister. It's just a really beautiful scene. I really like—


OMIGOD. Why is she a zombie all of a sudden? Seeing it fresh for the first time just make me realize how little sense that makes.

It's mentioned in the behind-the-scenes footage that Patrick Stewart is a fan of cars and driving in real life, and he would be much happier with the screenplay if it has a scene in it where he drives a dune buggy. Yes, the enlightened Captain Picard — who loves playing flutes, drinking tea and reading Shakespeare — also loves redneck off-roading.

    Real Life 

If one could conclude as to the nature of the Creator from a study of creation, it would appear that God has an inordinate fondness for stars and beetles.
—Attributed to J. B. S. Haldane

I'm Russ Meyer. I like big breasts.
Playboy: Voluptuous Vixens

You could accuse me of having a fetish for powerful, sexy women who like cheating people. That would be fair.

Morrissey: As a child of the sixties, when the seats of cars were made entirely of leather, to me there was something highly erotic about actually being in a car... I've always found cars highly erotic.
Black: Why? Because they go vroom vroom, and you can switch them on and switch them off when you want?
Morrissey: No, no —not the driver's seat... there was just something about the old leather seats...
Black: So you're into leather?
Morrissey: Y-y-e... next question.
Morrissey interviewed by Antonella Black, Zig Zag, May 1985

I enjoy cycling, so I occasionally do some bike strips. Other cyclists seem to enjoy them, so it's tempting to do more of them, but bike strips risk being self indulgent. A lot of cartoonists do golf strips and I find those insufferable.

Ha! More duct tape. I think this is like the third episode in a row that features the use of duct tape. No, the writers are not obsessed with duct tape. It's just a coincidence.
Dan Schneider, hanging a lampshade on the fact that three of the first four episodes of season 3 of iCarly feature someone being restrained with duct tape

Someone pointed out recently that I draw my characters in bath scenes an awful lot, and I want to make it clear to everyone that this is certainly not due to any perverseness on my part. No, the fact is, I demand the cleanliness of my characters! This is simply an issue of hygiene, and has nothing to do with getting characters in lecherous situations in various states of undress.
Tom Fischbach, author of Twokinds


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