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Quotes / Auction of Evil

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Crichton: You command the stars to do your bidding? I know you can't. And you can't. And you can't. And you won't. But I have.
Emperor Staleek: Then why are you here?
Crichton: Because I... am an American. And what does an American want? Democracy? CAPITALISM! I WANT TO SELL OUT AND SETTLE DOWN! FOR ONE DAY ONLY, IT'S A BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL ON AISLE 3! My wormhole technology, and... a free set of steak knives... for all the tea in China... and anything you can imagine to pay... me.
War Minister Ahkna: Pay?!
Crichton: YES! PAY! Cash.
Vakali: He's crazy!
Aeryn: (grinning) Isn't it fun?
Crichton: Welcome to my cold war! Now... what am I offered for all the powers of the Universe?

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