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Quotes / Attractive Bent-Gender

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"I'd make a sexy chick!"
Brodie, Mallrats

Sora: Lying? Unable to comprehend. Shouldn't this be evident upon self-examination? Even your genes are now that of a female's.
Yuuno: Why is it that my chest is so flat? A typical man-to-woman should at least have a C cup!
Sora: Yours is the first instance of this complaint being raised. Whoever dictated that you must be packing?

And so, everyone admitted that they don't mind a little trap action, even among plant life. That's... good to know!

"How come my friends keep turning out to make really hot women? Do I just pick you guys up subconsciously, or...?"

"How did a Gorilla turn into a Takarazuka Revue beauty!? Why does he have these huge knockers!?"
Otae, Gintama


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