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Quotes / Attack Pattern Alpha

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"Fire. Purgation spread."
Devastator squad, Dawn of War 2

"Initiating Attack Protocol 23."
Tactical Space Marine squad, Dawn of War

"Phoenix pattern, initiate."
Eldar Guardian squad, Dawn of War

Red Mage: Let's give him a little of the old Sigma Omega Four.
Black Mage: Will you stop? You know damn well we don't have pre-planed maneuvers.
Red Mage: I have dozens, but they're all secret to perplex our enemies.
Black Mage: My hatred for you burns like the skin of that guy.

"Attack Pattern Delta. Go now."
Luke Skywalker at the Battle of Hoth, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

"Ok, so I've like designed a really sweet attack plan, which i'm calling Attack Plan Alpha, like Alpha Dog. WOOF!"
America, Axis Powers Hetalia, Funimation Dub version

"The Pentagon has to stop naming military operations. Libya is 'Operation Odyssey Dawn.' What does that mean? Why name these things in the first place? It's teenage bravado, like giving a nickname to your penis."

"Attack plan Macedonia."
Percy Jackson to his companions as they prepare to tackle a cyclops

Six: Be prepared for the attack scenario Delta 9.
Rex: Delta 9? I didn't even know there was a Delta 1.
Six: Study the manual.
Rex: There's a manual?
Generator Rex, "Leader of the Pack"

Will Riker: Evasive maneuvers, pattern Riker-Alpha.
Wesley Crusher: Riker-Alpha confirmed.
Star Trek: The Next Generation, "The Best of Both Worlds, part II"


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