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I gave it up. I hauled down my colors and surrendered. I was not equal to the requirements of a Gubernatorial campaign in the state of New York, and so I sent in my withdrawal from the candidacy, and in bitterness of spirit signed it,
"Truly yours, once a decent man, but now,
Mark Twain, Infamous Perjurer, Montana Thief, Body-Snatcher, Delirium Tremens, Filthy Corruptionist, and Loathsome Embracer"
Running For Governor by Mark Twain

John McCain: Any of you ever been accused of having a Negro child out of wedlock because your adopted daughter was born in Bangladesh? And then when she was 16 and Googled her name, I had to explain to her why President Bush's henchmen called her a bastard when she was 10 years old.
Rick Davis: Uhh err yeah, South Carolina... that was an ugly primary. But this isn't the same thing. Reverend Wright really did say those things.
John McCain: That may be true. But there is a dark side to American populism. Some people win elections tapping into it. I'm not one of those people.

Last year, Democratic candidate Michael Redmonds bought a sport utility vehicle. Three months later, there were two separate incidences of hit & runs by an unidentified SUV in his area. Is Democratic candidate Michael Redmonds to blame? Can you Afford to take that chance? Can your children?
Vote Republican Senator Robert Thorn!, a candidate that has never committed vehicular homicide.

Peter: Hi, I'm Peter Griffin. You know, I grew up in this town. Quahog needs a moral, upstanding school board president, someone we can trust. Well, a lot of nasty things has been said during this campaign, but pictures are better than words because some words are big and hard to understand. But here's something everyone can understand. Do you really want your children's future in the hands of this? (holds up a photo of Lois in skimpy lingerie) I know I don't.
Cleveland: (voiceover) Paid for by the Peter Griffin for School Board President Committee. Sorry, Lois.
Family Guy, "Running Mates"


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