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"The continent of Atlantis was an island, which lay before the Great Flood in the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean... Knowing her fate, Atlantis sent ships to all corners of the world. On board were the Twelve - the poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist, the magician, and the other so-called gods of our legends, though gods they were."
Donovan, Atlantis

Here's Sophia's shining city. Not the paradise she imagined, that's for sure. Amazing how the place is still humming, maintaining the air pressure for untold centuries...

Numerous subaquatic civilizations now bear this sobriquet, each one having vague resemblance to facts submitted by Plato. One Atlantean Realm requires the traveler to use Matter magic to breathe the water; a second is defended by telepathic dolphin mages empowered by sacred alien crystals; a third is guarded by the ancestors of Atlantean kings, who sustain the ancient populace by magical jewelry worn by the nobility. No one has been to Atlantis twice, however, so verifying such stories is nearly impossible. Perhaps these tales are merely the result of insanity, Quiet, or waterlogged Paradox Realms.
Mage: The Ascension - Infinite Tapestry

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