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Quotes / Ather City

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"Are you a mutant that hates mutants? Are you a human with special powers? ARE YOU A WIZARD?"
Captain_Catface(Xill), on the topic of character background.(And providing some unintentional foreshadowing)

Michael 'Silencer" Bolt, while kicking a dragon in the eye.

“The soldier lives only to die, but the hero lives forever.”
Nicholas 'Yellow Jacket' Keyes, at the end of the original. Notably, not meant in as literal a sense as occurs in the sequel when initially stated.

“I’ve seen what happens when this is over, and it involves you, dead..”
Nicholas 'Yellow Jacket' Keyes, to Lucius Ferre while fighting him.

"Dominic destroys an entire city with a single punch."
Solaris Embarta, making a mental statement on how mindblowingly powerful Dominic is compared to everyone else on the planet.

"As long as sunlight beats down on this earth, the NOS will not have seen the last of me."
Andrus Sonic, after Sol turns into dust from killing Isis.

"If a person doesn’t post for three weeks, then it is okay for a player to kill them. Otherwise, we assume they were eaten by giant mutant bunnies."
SpiritfChaos (Nick), on the topic of absent posters


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