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"Hasta Manana Monsieur
Were the only words that I knew for sure
Hasta Manana Monsieur
I'm gonna do it now
C'est la vie, c'est la mort, say no more, no no more"
Sparks, "Hasta Manana Monsieur"

Ach du lieber Volkswagen car
Sauerbraten weinerschnitzel
Und vunderbar

Zuko: Well, I'm not gonna let you! I challenge you to an Agni Kai!
Zhao: Don't you mean a duel?
Zuko: No, an Agni Kai!
Zhao: What's the difference?
Zuko: Agni Kai sounds Asian...ish?
Zhao: I'm gonna kill you slowly.

"If he found out that the clergy were just reverends and, because they had more money than education, had been ordained without following a proper course, then you'd think he was St. Thomas Aquinas. He would talk in Latin for two hours. Of course it wasn't Latin but it did sound like it."
Lazarillo de Tormes

Hana Mana Ganda
Hana Mana Ganda
We translate for you
Hana meas what Mana means
And Ganda means that too
Peter Pan, What Makes the Red Man Red

''oui monsieur bonjour coquette,
uh huh croissante vous a ver,
maurice chevalier effeil tower,
oh oui maria bagette bon soir,''
Bob and Tom; YEAH TOAST

"My dad is a very proud Greek man. If it sounded Greek, he thought it was Greek. I could be like 'Hey Dad, could you pass me that pack of matches over there?' and he'd be like [Greek accent] 'Pakamatchis? Stavros Pakamatchis? I know that guy!' [normal voice] 'Dad, what the hell are you talking about?' [Greek accent] 'Stavros Pakamatchis! He is from my village in Greece! We come here together to Canada! Stavros Pakamatchis, you know him!'"
— Comedian Angelo Tsarouchas

"I speak Spanish! Hagarabaflagoablaoglalfblablah!"
The Drummer, The Eric Andre Show

[Roz — who doesn't speak French — is breaking up with her French boyfriend and using Frasier as a translator]
Roz: I want to do this gently, so will you tell him I think he's a really nice guy.
Frasier: [In French] {Roz thinks you're a really great guy.}
Jean-Pierre: [Genially] {She wants to break up with me, doesn't she?}
[Slightly thrown, Frasier nods]
Jean-Pierre: {Thank God! She's not my type. I've been looking for a way out for days.}
Roz: What did he say?
Frasier: Umm, he says "he's very fond of you too".
Roz: Okay, now tell him that these past few weeks have been really fun.
Frasier: You can go faster, Roz.
Roz: Let me do this my way! Tell him!
Frasier: {Look, she's got this all worked out. If you don't mind indulging her?}
Jean-Pierre: {I understand. Listen, where's a good place to get a steak?}
[Jean-Pierre reaches out and tenderly strokes Roz's cheek.]
Frasier: He says, "What are you trying to say?"
Roz: [Getting a bit choked] Okay. Tell him another time, another place, we might have a shot. But this just isn't working for me.
Frasier: {The Five Crowns has a great filet. And the wine list isn't bad either. Okay, look sad.}
[Jean-Pierre looks sad.]
Jean-Pierre: ['Heartbroken'] {Can you smoke there?}
Frasier: "Is there any chance you'd reconsider?"
Roz: I don't think so.
Frasier: {You can smoke on the patio.}
Roz: Is he okay?
Frasier: He'll be fine, Roz. But I think for his sake we should wrap this up.
[Roz and Jean-Pierre stand and embrace]
Jean-Pierre: [To Frasier, over Roz's shoulder] {Thanks for the tip. I'm starving.}
Frasier: He says—
Roz: [Overwhelmed] Please, Frasier. Some things don't need to be translated.

Elaine: You speak Burmese?
J. Peterman: No, Elaine. That was gibberish.


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