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Alice: So, why are you out here?
Bob: 'Irreconcilable theo-philosophical differences with society at large.'
Alice: Heresy!
Bob: If you want to be vulgar about it, then yes, heresy.

Mission President: What's going on here is that you have all brought ridicule down onto the Latter-Day Saints.
Nabulungi: But we are all Latter-Day Saints now, right?
Mission President: You and your people are about as far from being Latter-Day Saints as it gets. You all are!

Sammy Sosa: I had given up hitting home runs for Lent, so I had to wait until Hot Mr. Easter had eaten Tall Jesus and banished Sexual Jesus to a canyon so that the tyranny of the Jesus brothers could end and Lent would be over. Only then could I start hitting home runs.
Kerry Wood: I once asked Sammy what he thought the story of Easter was, and the nine-hour story he told me gives me nightmares to this day, and is entirely unrepeatable.

What business have people who call might right to say they are worshippers of Odin? The whole point about Odin was that he had the right but not the might.
C. S. Lewis, "First and Second Things"

"The motion picture you are about to see is an adaptation of the Exodus story.

While artistic and historical license have been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide.

The biblical story of Moses can be found in the book of Exodus."
Disclaimer, The Prince of Egypt


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