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Quotes / Art Initiates Life

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"Eet eez you, no? You interfere with my afterlife's work! You filthy swine! You're blind to zee life I give my creations! Zen very well... I will show you zee mastery of my art!"
Vincent Van Gore, Luigi's Mansion (video of the above)

In the fecund shockwaves of the explosion, it was not only the Surrealists' own dreams that had manifested. Born with them were figures from Symbolism and Decadence, imaginings of the Surrealists' ancestors and beloveds, ghosts from their proto-canon. Now Redon's leering ten-legged spider hunted at one end of the rue Jean Lantier, chattering its big teeth. A figure with Arcimboldo's coagulate fruit-face stalked the boundaries of Saint-Ouen market.

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