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"For the first 100 strips I thought I was barefoot."

"Oh please, that didn't even look like us."

"The protagonist of the Just Cause series, Rico Rodriguez, has undergone quite a bit of evolution as he's aged. He started out with a sort of Vampire Johnny Cash thing going on in Just Cause 1, leaned more towards swivel-eyed loon in Just Cause 2, and now in Just Cause 3... well, try to come with me on this: he looks like your first girlfriend's dad. You know what I mean, with his Al Borland beard and dresses head to foot in blue denim, he looks like he derives all his kill-crazy rage from you having fucked his daughter on top of his favorite riding mower."

What happened to the Klingons? Remember in the day,
They looked like Puerto Ricans and they dressed in gold lamé,
Now they look like heavy metal rockers from The Dead,
With leather pants, and frizzy hair and lobsters on their head.
Voltaire, USS Make Shit Up


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