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Quotes / Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy

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"I alone have mastered the art of combat."

"Once mastered, the martial arts are a tool for killing."
Shouryuu, Samurai Champloo

"Attempting to analyse your defeat would be a total waste of time. The truth is painfully simple: you lost because you aren't me."
Leo Whitefang, Guilty Gear

"I am a Muay Thai master, you are sucking gravel."
Adon, Street Fighter

Matt Jackson: Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, hm, two of the internet darlings of this century, wouldn't you guys agree? Everybody's talking about all these great matches you've been having in the UK and in Japan, kind of the flavor of the month.
Adam Cole: Totally.
Nick Jackson: Hey, we're the flavor of the decade.
Matt: Right.
Nick: Get on our level!
Matt: But I'll give you this, Young Bucks vs Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, someone please pinch me, that sounds like some sort of dream match or something.
Nick: A dream match, a dream match, hey it's funny. This isn't our first dream match. Everyone who wrestles us in a tag team match is called a dream match because We are the best at Tag Team wrestling.
Matt: Marty, Will this isn't gonna be a dream match this is gonna be a big nightmare that you can't wake up from. A nightmare filled with tombstone pile drivers and super kick parties. And one we win this match, 1, 2, 3, no problem I'm gonna go on ROH wrestling dot com, watch the VOD and retweet all the gifs of us kicking the crap out of you TOO SWEET ME!

There's a reason most human martial artists don't train with angels, namely that it's well known that you will spend every second feeling like a complete buffoon.


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