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Feeling unknown
And you're all alone?
Flesh and bone
By the telephone?
Lift up the receiver
I'll make you a believer
Depeche Mode, "Personal Jesus"

"Take them to the secret broadcast cave and train them all to talk like me: reeealll sexy!"

Jackass Mask: I have an idea for a sequel. It will star Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Smith, Christopher Walken, Conan O'Brien, Sean Connery, and a few other actors who will be named later that are really cool just to hear talk. I'll call it... The Exposition-ables. An hour and a half of a bunch of guys sitting around talking the plot at the audience. People would pay! I bet you money they would!
jkd: I'd go see it.
Crazychris576: So would I! That sounds awesome! And it HAS to include James Earl Jones and Samuel L. Jackson!
— The comment section on Chester A. Bum's review of The Expendables.

Yukari: Okay, I know he just locked us in here, which totally sucks, but... WOW, I wanna have sex with his voice. Anyone else? Show of hands?
Everyone else: *raises hand*

[Sindri's] sexy voice is a gift for Slaanesh. He can make females orgasm by just whispering in their ear.

Even in pain Sindri still sounds awesome.
Another Youtuber commenter on Sindri Myr's voice while he's becoming a Deamon Prince.

She's back in mother's bed turned on, turn off the lights./Her dirty voice cuts through the night/A neighbor turns to open his door,/"What's that girl making so much noise for?"...
Her eyes are closed, she runs her fingers through her hair,/She's getting high, but no one's there./Her father opens up her door,/Said she couldn't have any more!...
It's too late now, she gets it anytime she wants,/All the world is making love./Get everybody turned on at once,/We'll make sure that it's loud enough!
Making love on the radio! (Coming in in stereo!)
— "Radio", Y-O-U

Jew Wario: Dude, girls dig your voice.
Huh, I think I just came.
The Nostalgia Chick, after Sean Connery speaks.

I don't wanna die, my voice is too sexy!
The Cinema Snob, before getting a stare from Linkara.

Brad Jones: With a dark, husky voice.
— From the Midnight Screening of The Amazing Spider-Man, referring to Emma Stone.

People tune into my show so my voice can make love to their ear vaginas.
— Nick Swardson's Pretend Time

It- It just comes natural to me, I guess. I got a deep sensual voice, you know. I definitely got the Bing Crosby tune, baby, you know I been raised on music! My dad was a technical engineer! Got all them patents and everything!

Even if he wasn't so physically appealing, he has The Voice. You know how some opera singers can shatter glass? Alan Rickman can shatter underpants.
— blainemuffin, LiveJournal

Shepard: What's wrong, you two?
EDI: I am asking Specialist Traynor about why she found my voice sexually attractive. On one occasion, you said that you wanted to, quote, pin my voice against the wall and run your tongue along its collarbone.
Specialist Traynor: Well, there's a context there that... you were talking about quantum entanglement, and... I didn't know you were an AI!
Mass Effect 3 Citadel

Specialist Traynor: EDI, I apologize for saying that I wanted to roll naked with your voice in satin sheets.
EDI: Oh, I was not offended. In fact, it was flattering.
Specialist Traynor: Even the part where I wanted to grab your voice by the hair and nibble my way down its back?
— Again, Mass Effect 3 Citadel

Specialist Traynor: But listen, the point is, you hate AIs! You had to overcome all your hangups, whereas I was totally fine with AIs to begin with!
Joker: Other fish in the sea, Traynor.
Specialist Traynor: Not with that voice! It's like feeling smoky satin slide across your skin in soft candelight. Just... mmm!
— And again, Mass Effect 3 Citadel. Specialist Traynor really likes EDI's voice.

Lin: We have to increase the dosage. Do we pipe it in, or do you want to do it orally?
Sitterson: Say that again, only slower.
Lin: You're a pig.

The story is told by an ongoing and disturbingly sexy narration by someone who appears to have replaced his lungs with two chocolate profiteroles.
Yahtzee on Logan Cunningham's voice in Bastion

Dr. Roman: Geh, every breath, gesture, and word that comes out of you is dripping with sex!
Fate/Grand Order, Shuten-douji's Interlude

Vitruvius: It was an honor to be portrayed by the golden-voiced Morgan Freeman. That man could read the phone book and make it sound interesting.
Vitruvius: 555-3492… Mmm… just listen to that rich molasses.

Jai and Iris are home, Linda says hi. She also says you have the sexiest phone voice ever, Bruce, which frankly, I didn't need to know.
The Flash Wally West, Trinity (2008)

And dear gods, his voice was beautiful. Tenor. I'd expected him to be baritone. And it was rich, every precisely enunciated word reverberating through my ears all the way down to my toes. I could listen to a voice like that all day. Or all night...
The Broken Kingdoms, Inheritance Trilogy

If a glass of perfectly aged whiskey had a voice, it would be Keith David.
Comment section of MKIceAndFire's video of Spawn's intro dialogues, Mortal Kombat 11.

nice voice
his voice is sexy as usual
i love his voice
— Various comments in the chat for Papa Shirogane's YouTube live stream, Kaguya-sama: Love is War


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