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Quotes / Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Quotes by Arnold:

"The greatest feeling you can get in a gym or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is the pump. Let's say you train your biceps, blood is rushing in to your muscles and that's what we call the pump. Your muscles get a really tight feeling like your skin is going to explode any minute and its really tight and its like someone is blowing air into your muscle and it just blows up and it feels different, it feels fantastic. It's as satisfying to me as cumming is, you know, as in having sex with a woman and cumming. So can you believe how much I am in heaven? I am like getting the feeling of cumming in the gym; I'm getting the feeling of cumming at home; I'm getting the feeling of cumming backstage; when I pump up, when I pose out in front of 5000 people I get the same feeling, so I am cumming day and night. It's terrific, right? So you know, I am in heaven."

"I believe that gay marriage should be reserved for a man and a woman."
— Response when asked as California Governor if he would sign a gay marriage bill note 


Quotes about Arnold:

"How can anyone not like this guy? He's a commercial puppet, yet a personal icon. He beats the crap out of people, yet has a heart of gold. He's a horrible actor, but by God, he's trying. We all love you Arnold. No matter how good, or bad, your movies are."


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