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"You will believe a spider can fly. Amongst other things."
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"Wha? What's this? That guy... (who's he?) ...did it? What's that?... Blade? It looks painful... Next is... me? I'm next? I'm next... This situation... (I'm next! I'm next!) I'll become like him... If I don't run... I won't be able to... What do I do? What do I do?! He will kill me... What can I do to save myself? What can I do... What can... I do? ......Before you kill me... I have no choice but to kill you!"
Alice Fuji, Chapter 1

Riock: The strongest insect that the Kahen Rider was modeled after. That would be me, Riock.
Hibiki: This will not be overlooked. Withdraw now!
Riock: Why?
Hibiki: It's quite clear. I... That is, Kamadouma... I AM THE TRUE KAHEN RIDER!
Alice: (thinking) .....T-these guys... Just what... are they talking about...
Chapter 22

"That direct hit did knock the wind out of me... But you shouldn't be so surprised. The ribcage is full of spaces, and it can't protect you from blades or bullets. So, I just happen to have some steel armor protecting my heart. That's Kabutomushi's defensive gear... The exoskeleton: "Kabuto Mail"."
Kabutomushi (followed by a lecture from the narrator about why rhino beetles have hardened forewings), Chapter 35

Dinoponera: Ants are very light, aren't they? Kabutomushi are unnecessarily heavy because they're weighted down with weapons and armor. But the ant is relatively light-weight, so... No matter what great height you throw them from, or what powerful force you smash them with, they always land gently, like a feather in the wind. You can't beat them with just brute strength, you see.
Kabutomushi: Weight, you say? You can quit spouting that rubbish! It's not like you're a real ant, anyway.
Chapter 39

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